It is important that they return • La Nación

It is important that they return • La Nación
It is important that they return • La Nación

I arrived in Neiva when the 50th Bambuco Festival had just been celebrated and today we are already on the 63rd and I keep seeing advertisements where they write Sanpedro all together with eNe against all spelling rules. And of the complaints I have been hearing, despite enjoying it more and more, most of them have not been resolved. Until today there was an autopilot that showed little desire to internationalize it. I have great hope that it will change.

I feel lucky to have arrived here, where traditions are still valued. My host Colombian family is an example of that, with a lot of love they made me love (redundancy on purpose) more Neiva with her artistic and happy genetics. They still carry out typical folklore and local gastronomy activities and, thanks to them, I decided to dance the Sanjuanero!

I am proactive, I always try to anticipate events by opening paths and being productive. Since I landed in these bamboo lands, I tried to contribute ideas to generate more and better regional movement. It was never easy to approach previous administrations, it seemed like they always had everything well thought out and then ended up disappointing. I’m glad this has changed and they are receiving the proposals.

After watching the press conference of the current mayor of Neiva German Casagua about the distribution of the spaces for this edition and the rules that will be imposed, I realized that it confirms a will to recover the respect and cultural heritage that had been rusting . “The important thing is not that it comes, but that it comes back” says the marketing maxim.

The first popular cry that I heard during these festivities was unfortunately that of “rosca”, which the tribunes denounced when they did not select the splendid candidate from Chocó. Juries are rarely respected. Could it be that this year one of the 10 Departments that never achieved it will win the reign? Amazon, Chocó, Guainía, Guaviare, Magdalena, Nariño, Putumayo, Quindío, Vaupés, Vichada? Will they all send representatives? It is striking that none of the country’s southern international border has crossed the border.

Huila won it 8 times, Atlántico 7, Meta 6, Valle del Cauca and Caquetá 5. Cesar is the only Department that won it twice in a row. Will the Atlantic achieve bi-reign this year? It would reach Huila in first place. Could it be that they take statistics into account when choosing? Could it be that if the candidates’ names do not begin with L, M, A, C, G or S, they will not be able to win the reign? In 65% of the reigns this was the case.

We wish that they would give us more organization, that families and visitors would be privileged without further promoting the bad example of citizens who do not know how to coexist. From the good vibes of its town, the people’s clothing, the hats to the parades, reigns, Huilense barbecue and achiras, are just some of the things with which you can embrace the tourists who I hope will come from further and further away. . We can all contribute individually with more order and creativity so that people want to return.

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