The 30 minutes in which the grandparents did not stop moving and having fun

The 30 minutes in which the grandparents did not stop moving and having fun
The 30 minutes in which the grandparents did not stop moving and having fun

It was enough for the cheerleader to say “goodbye to the jackets” for everyone to invade the field ready to give free rein to their enthusiasm and adrenaline, without limitations due to age. They were the grandparents who yesterday participated in the First Sports and Healthy Meeting for Seniors, organized by the municipality of Capital, and who for 30 minutes did not stop moving and having fun. More than 150 seniors participated in this event at the Aldo Cantoni Stadium.

The grandparents entered the court dancing to the rhythm of reggaeton that played in the background. And, since then, they haven’t stopped.

Enthusiasm. The grandparents danced bachata and salsa during the closing of the sports part of the First Sports and Healthy Meeting for Seniors with the same enthusiasm with which they started the activities.

The meeting started with a theoretical and practical class on the importance of strengthening the hips, glutes and spine. It was led by professionals from the San Juan Physiokinesic College who, with the use of balloons, made the participants perform different exercises that not all of them completed. Some could not contain the enthusiasm of dancing to the rhythm of “Bombón murderer” that played while they exercised their glutes.

As the class progressed, the exercises increased in intensity, however the grandparents did not desert. They continued with the practice and with the same enthusiasm from the beginning. Although the moment of greatest adrenaline came at the end of this 10-minute class, when they were able to pop the balloons and form a little train to dance goodbye.

In any case, none of them left the field. Everyone stayed to participate in the Zumba class, which also lasted 10 minutes, during which they danced tirelessly following the choreographies proposed by the teachers. This part of the meeting also had a moment of maximum adrenaline, it was when a song by the Bee Gees, one of the bands that was all the rage in the ’70s, played in the background.

Passionate. Some grandparents wore the albiceleste shirt in the Stadium.

They finished the Zumba class applauding themselves for their endurance. Also to encourage yourself and continue with the dance therapy session led by Professor Gabriel Moreira.

Although the grandparents were already beginning to feel a little tired, after 20 uninterrupted minutes of exercise, they did not lower their arms. On the contrary, they followed all the bachata and salsa steps that the teacher taught them to complete this routine.

Non-stop. The grandparents participated in all the scheduled activities.


To get warm
During the First Sports and Healthy Meeting for Seniors, hot chocolate and homemade semittes were invited to the participants and also to the public.

With feeling patriotic
After the sports part of the Meeting, the members of the Municipal Ballet Sembrando Ilusiones danced the pericón to commemorate National Day.

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