How Nadia Márquez experienced Javier Milei’s show at Luna Park

How Nadia Márquez experienced Javier Milei’s show at Luna Park
How Nadia Márquez experienced Javier Milei’s show at Luna Park

At the presentation of his book, the representative said, the president dedicated a lot of time to explain what the concept of the work was and to reveal the reasons that led him to write it. In addition, he gave a class practically for the attendees, described the representative who came to politics from religion, being an evangelical pastor.

“The truth is that There were a lot of peopleit was full everywhere you look at it. People lined up to get in.there were also many officials, so it was a nice moment to meet everyone with the people who were very effusive, very happy to be able to be there, so it was a very pleasant, beautiful moment,” the deputy said.

Márquez is among the core of deputies close to the Presidency of the Nation, but at the same time she is a political partner in the province of Governor Rolando Figueroa.

The relationship between Javier Milei and Neuquén

“The relationship between the government of Javier Milei and the Province of Neuquén is close,” he assured. And he said that the president has had permanent dialogue with different officials from the province. In addition, he said that Neuquén is likely to be one of the first provinces he visits as part of a series of visits to various provinces.

“Issues such as energy and possible modifications in laws are discussed, showing political differences between mayors and the government,” he said, while pondering the positive effects for Neuquén’s economy implicit in the Bases Law, which Milei promotes with a number of modifications agreed with the blocks willing to collaborate with the adjustment and reform of the State that guide the management of Milei just days after celebrating six months of existence.

Márquez said that holds regular meetings with the President along with other members of the Freedom Advances bloc of the Lower House. “They are very dynamic, for me they are educational in nature, because there is always some topic that you learn about,” he said.

The deputy mentioned that among the last meetings with officials from the libertarian cast, she had spoken with the Minister of Energy, Eduardo Rodriguez Chirillowho was awarded the drafting of a good part of the first Base Law, which foundered in the particular vote of the Chamber of Deputies after having obtained the average sanction in general.

nadia marquez deputy freedom advances neuquen

Nadia Márquez criticized the mayors

The national representative was also consulted about the protest that a group of mayors will raise through the National Congress against the retention of the Public Transport Compensation Fund that Milei resolved within the chainsaw adjustment that he implemented since his arrival in power. The stop to subsidies in public transportation only materialized for the interior of the country, the buses of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires increasingly consume more funds from the State.

The mayor of the capital of Neuquén, Mariano Gaidois one of the communal leaders who agreed to appear on June 4 in Congress to seek a solution to the cash deficit caused by President Milei with the retention for the Nation of the collection of the fuel tax that finances the Compensation Fund. of Public Transportation.

Márquez believed that the mayors embarking on the claim They are politically motivated to fight with the Presidency, rather than causes based on the management relationship with the national government. He questioned the mayors who “campaigned with the former Minister of Economy, (Sergio) Massa, and now complain, when they did not say anything while they made a disaster for the country.”

Márquez concluded: “The claim has a more political connotation that related to the concern about subsidies.

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