“Chuli” Jorge present at the opening ceremony of the new facilities of the “Juan Galo Lavalle” School

The mayor, Raúl “Chuli” Jorge, accompanied the Minister of Education of the Government of Jujuy, Miriam Serrano in the opening ceremony of the renovation works carried out at School No. 388 “Juan Galo Lavalle”; where he recognized the importance in educational matters of the new indoor sports center, classrooms for the laboratory, the library, and digital education for the boys and girls of the institution.

In his speech during the event, Mayor Raúl “Chuli” Jorge addressed those present and expressed a greeting to “the beloved “Juan Galo Lavalle” School”, on such a special day for the educational community “that as godfathers we could not be absent.”

He briefly recalled that “this sector of the city, 60, 70 years ago, was far outside the central area, so the Lavalle school has the meaning of bringing solutions to a neighborhood that was growing, but that today, is practically in the heart of all urbanity.” He also recognized that “it is a school formed by an educational group of parents and grandparents of boys and girls who came and were educated in this institution, with whom we deeply share their happiness today.”

Meanwhile, the municipal undersecretary of Human Development, Daniela Amerise, highlighted the sponsorship of the municipality of the Lavalle school, “together with the team we accompanied Mayor ‘Chuli’ Jorge to the inauguration of works that the Government of Jujuy is implementing, with a “A very special look at education in the Capital and from the municipality, strengthening the actions, with Galo Lavalle being where the healthy recreation program will be launched.”

Continuing, the Minister of Education, Miriam Serrano thanked the presence of the educational community, officials and executives of the Central American Bank and Argentine Integration Office Project, “because for us, more than a joy, it is an honor to be at school, to accompany the educational community in its projection of a new facility that will allow them to continue working on inclusion, diversity, technology, on the growth of our children, so that they put all these new concerns in the classroom and with technology and the education of to be able to build their life projects.”

Then, the director of the establishment, Professor Silvina Cruz, thanked the authorities present for their support, “because this Thursday, May 23, will be recorded in the pages of our institutional history, as the day on which the roofed sports center project was made. reality”. Municipal officials were present; provincials, legislators and special guests, who were presented by the students with copies of the Book Fair.

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