In Córdoba, soilless agriculture seeks to go beyond leafy vegetables

In Córdoba, soilless agriculture seeks to go beyond leafy vegetables
In Córdoba, soilless agriculture seeks to go beyond leafy vegetables

Organized by the Argentine Hydroponics Association, this Thursday the First Hydroponics Congress of Argentina was inaugurated, which will continue until Saturday, with the presence of prominent national and international leaders.

The official presentation took place in the Reform Auditorium of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the UNC, headquarters of the activities, with the presence of producers, representatives and authorities.

Between Thursday and Friday there will be lectures and talks, given by experts, who will address different topics, such as the development of hydroponics worldwide; advantages and features; innovations in technology; market and trading tools; costs; analysis and opportunity. The closing of the event is on Saturday, with a visit to the facilities of the hydroponic vegetable producer Midory Hidroponia.

“This meeting is the corollary of a work that we have been doing since 2022, with a group of producers from all over the country. It is a meeting space, to get to know each other, analyze the sector, acquire new knowledge and exchange experiences,” said Sergio Guillaumet, owner of Midory Hidroponia and president of the Argentine Hydroponic Association, organizer of the event.

Hydroponics: a growing agriculture

With more than 20 years of experience in hydroponic cultivation, the businessman spoke about the current situation of hydroponics in Argentina. He presented data collected through a survey carried out by the entity in 2023. At that time, 175 hydroponic producers in the country were surveyed, which today would reach 250, according to the information handled by the association. Of that universe, 25 are from Córdoba, although it is estimated that the figure is higher, given the development of the activity in recent years.

“In Argentina there is great potential to continue developing and growing in hydroponics. We have to continue working to publicize all the advantages of using this technique, to popularize hydroponics in the country. As producers and leaders we will continue working so that there are more and more hydroponics producers, on the one hand, and on the other hand, encourage the consumption of this type of products,” he added.

The producer and business leader highlighted the importance of a meeting like the one taking place in Córdoba, to strengthen training and qualification actions. “Almost 74 percent of producers begin the technique without prior knowledge, as was my case; Therefore, we must continue to provide training opportunities and promote the creation of more greenhouses,” he said.

REFERRER. Brazilian Jorge Barcelos Oliviera, during his participation in the First Hydroponics Congress held in Córdoba, (Pedro Castillo / La Voz)

The manager also revealed that they are also working towards greater diversification of production, which today is mainly concentrated on green leafy vegetables (lettuce and arugula).

Among the top-level exhibitors participating in the Congress, the Brazilian Jorge Barcelos Oliviera, creator of the Hydroponics Laboratory of the Federal University of Santa Catarina, stood out, who shared his experience in the neighboring country.

With a motivating message, the specialist analyzed the current situation in the sector and predicted great development and growth. In his presentation, titled “Hydroponics, increasingly stronger,” he valued the holding of a first congress in our country and stressed that “hydroponics must be popularized,” so that more people know the advantages of producing and consuming products. hydroponics.

Among his recommendations he mentioned the need to review concepts and train. He also suggested that it is important for the sector to have small, medium and large companies, for a better development of its potential.

The schedule of the first edition of the congress includes presentations by the most important representatives of hydroponics in South America, such as Elcio Steydin (Brazil) and Carlos Hidalgo (Peru), accompanied by the most prominent producers in the country, who will share their knowledge, experiences and Projects. In addition, there are stands of the main companies in the sector, where the latest news and advances of their products and services are exhibited.

It is organized by the Argentine Hydroponic Association.

Hydroponics: how the National Congress continues in Córdoba

On Friday the program continues with a series of presentations and discussions, which will take place at the Congress headquarters: the Reform Auditorium of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the UNC, in Ciudad Universitaria.

As on the first day, the activities will begin in the morning and will continue throughout the day.

A guided tour of the facilities of the hydroponic vegetable producer Midory Hidroponia is planned for Saturday, which will conclude the conclave.

The complete program can be consulted here.

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