FLIP rejects threats against journalists from Cúcuta

FLIP rejects threats against journalists from Cúcuta
FLIP rejects threats against journalists from Cúcuta

The Foundation for Freedom of the Press (FLIP) rejected these threats from a criminal organization against journalists from Cúcuta in a pamphlet in which they announce the implementation of a “pistol plan” against communicators.

“Through a pamphlet spread through WhatsApp and Facebook groups, this gang has apparently announced a gun plan against journalists, declaring them military objectives,” denounced the FLIP, which considered it to be an “alarming situation” within a context of growing violence in the city.

In Cúcuta, the organization has documented 23 attacks so far this year and, in addition, on April 14, observer Jaime Vásquez was murderedknown for investigating matters of interest in Norte de Santander.

“As a consequence of the escalation of attacks and the absence of guarantees and responses from the authorities, “Some journalists have preferred to refrain from publishing information related to security issues, judicial matters and actions of criminal gangs, for fear of suffering reprisals,” FLIP added.

In this context, the FLIP
He called on the Prosecutor’s Office to carry out investigations into the pamphlet and the other cases. of violence against the press, while urging the authorities to develop a prevention and protection strategy for journalists.

In the pamphlet circulating on social networks, the AK7 organization announces a “gun plan in the city of Cúcuta addressed to all journalists on radio, TV, social networks and anyone who speaks or comments” about them.

“From the time and date, whoever publishes or disseminates against us will be declared a military objective,” added the criminal group, which established a curfew at the city’s transportation terminal and threatened senior public officials and the mayor, Jorge Acevedo.

The FLIP also asked the National Protection Unit to “prioritize risk studies for communicators and adjust the schemes.” of protection to the high risk of journalists in the city”.

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