The 15 students affected by a wasp attack at a school in Armenia remain stable –

Author: Natalia Trujillo Varela

On the recommendation of Firefighters, classes were suspended and the educational institution was evacuated.

About 15 boys and girls were affected by wasp stings at the Armenia Junior Chamber School. The situation was attended to by the Official Fire Department of Armenia on the morning of this Friday, May 24.

According to what was known, the incident took place when the students were playing volleyball and in one of the plays the ball hit a speaker that had a nest inside. After being stunned, the wasps began to fly in all directions and stung the the students.

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The Secretary of Education of Armenia, lawyer Paula Andrea Huertas Arcila, stated that it was not wasps, but bees and that, before the incident, the order to remove the honeycomb was being processed.

Of the 15 students, 12 were referred to the Café Clinic for medical attention and 3 students were allergic to the bites. “They are all in good medical condition and receiving care from health professionals, 3 students turned out to be allergic and their care was prioritized. At this moment we leave the rest of the day so that the Fire Department and the experts can remove the bees and remove them without any damage, the issue is controlled and there are officials who are accompanying the parents and guaranteeing attention to the students , which are being taken care of by the insurance policy that Armenia acquires annually and protects the students from any accident and impact on their health.”Huertas Arcila reported.

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