“Milei culiadazo” and “papafritazo”: demonstrations against the President’s visit to Córdoba

“Milei culiadazo” and “papafritazo”: demonstrations against the President’s visit to Córdoba
“Milei culiadazo” and “papafritazo”: demonstrations against the President’s visit to Córdoba

“Milei culiadazo.” Only two words but a certain impact: the President’s last name and the superlative of the traditional Cordoban insult. Just with that, a group of self-convened people generated a strong street intervention with posters and parades against the presence of Javier Milei in Córdoba and It forced the police and even firefighters to go out during the early hours of this Friday to “clean” the city., one day before the official visit for the event on May 25. There were even comments in libertarian WhatsApp groups to organize a counteroffensive, he learned. elDiarioAR.

The anti-Milei movement had a “second phase” today, with a “papafritazo” in the center, meters from the Cabildo and the Cathedral, in Plaza San Martín, where the head of Estaso will give his speech this Saturday afternoon. The fries excuse was the well-known dislike that the President has for that food. Potato cones with the inscription “Milei culiadazo” were distributed for free.

Besides, papafrita (all together) is a negative qualifying adjective formerly used in Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico. According to the Dictionary of Americanisms of the Association of Academies of the Spanish Language, a papafrita is a “stupid, naïve or lackluster person.”

“Milei comes to Cordoba and It’s not going to bring anything for people, so at least we wanted to do something for everyone“explained Facundo Armella, creative brain of the campaign critical of the libertarian.

The installation of some 30 parades and posters on key streets, avenues and bridges in the city of Córdoba was deployed this Thursday night, under a freezing drizzle. A few hours later, members of the Provincial Police, commanded by Governor Martín Llaryora, and also firefighters They went out to remove them to prevent them from generating repercussions on Friday morning through. But the photos had already gone viral on social networks.

“A neighbor called the police and that’s why they took them out, but we are not violating any law. Was a little gesture for the pituquitos of Recoleta“, said Armella, who is a criminal lawyer, on FM 102.3, in reference to the criticism of Buenos Aires that Llaryora made the day he won his elections. The signs were funded by a donation campaign that raised nearly $1 million in recent days.

But it not only motivated a “cleansing” operation of the official forces. Groups of libertarian militants sought to arm a counteroffensive, but with less viral flight. “Those who take out the posters make a video and then we put the name of this idiot and we tell him that he is cool. “They are the papafritas,” was an audio that circulated on a WhatsApp of Milei supporters to which she had access. elDiarioAR. But the anti-Milei “pop” was effective: this Friday before 1:00 p.m., a long line of people had already formed in one of the corners of the Cordoba Town Hall and the free potato cones were sold out in a few minutes.


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