The photos that will move you the most, the ArGRa exhibition was inaugurated in Neuquén

You barely enterhanging there, one beside the otherthere are four photos from Neuquén photographers which are part of the 34th exhibition organized by the Association of Argentine Graphic Reporters (ArGRA). There is the Shootingin the heart of San Martín de los Andes, Pedro Jofré captured by Federico Soto, there is the dogon his cot, during a heavy snow in the Colonia Rural Nueva Esperanza neighborhood of Matías Subatis also the group of teenagers that dives into the Limay River Emiliano Ortiz and there is also the image that shows isolated breeders for him temporary of Fabian Ceballos.

The sample is a tour of events that happened in 2022. Goes from Messi lifting the World Cup, Cecilia Moreau being elected to preside over the chamber of deputies, Wos jumping on stage, Gallant in the foreground, until girls dancing near a building destroyed by Russian attacks.

The 150 photos who are part of this sample, they talk about milestonesof the events, of the most paradigmatic scenes that 85 Argentine reporters they portrayed during 2022. All were chosen by the Editorial Committee, made up of Lorena Lucca, Aníbal Greco, Eva Cabrera, Juan Foglia and Analía Garelli.

This year, it was the second time Next time the complete sample arrives in Neuquén. It will be in the National Museum of Fine Arts NeuquénWith free entry, until June 9inclusive.

At the inauguration of the most important exhibition of photojournalism organized in our country, he spoke Federico Sotoone of the four reporters from Neuquén who has your image displayed. «This time it’s my turn be on the other side of the camera“he said and smiled in front of cell phones and cameras that captured the moment. «This exhibition shows the importance that photojournalists havefor being in the place to be“, he said, “they are going to see when they come in, the quality with which we reporters work and the need to be there, where you have to be«.

Before opening the doors of the Federico Soto exhibition showed the importance to maintain public media. That’s why he said: «let’s defend Telam and Radio Nacional» and also asked for justice for Juan Caliani, a Neuquén journalist murdered at the beginning of April.

“All that being said,” Soto said, “let’s go see the sample«.

The exhibition can be traversed as everyone likes. There is no one way. The interesting thing is let yourself be pricked. There are profile photos. Appears magnet, Norita CortiñasPedro Saborido and even Eva Analía de Jesús, “Huigui”. Also a dedicated room purely and exclusively for the purposes of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Also another one in which it is shownto nature, birds, fires, rivers.

Another several meters of wall are dedicated to the world. To the celebrations, to the players, to the fans, to Messi, Dibu, Di María. Another set of photos It is about trials, marches and demonstrations. another of memusicians and recitals. And also another of politicianswhere you see Javier Milei with bulletproof vest, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and at the precise moment in which Martin Guzman, former Minister of Economy, looks out the window of the Casa Rosa and next to him, with the shadow on his face, at Alberto Fernández.

We advance some of the photos that are exhibited:

Snow in the Colonia Nueva Esperanza, north of the city of Neuquén. Photo: Matías Subat
A group of teenagers take advantage of the willow trees to dive into the waters of the Limay River on the so-called Isla Verde, on December 26, 2022. Photo: Emiliano Ortiz.
End of a march of State workers (ATE) due to demand for salary improvements in Diagonal Norte, towards Plaza de Mayo, September 2022. Photo: Pablo Añeli.
“The ATE shooter”, during the very serious incidents in San Martín de los Andes. Photo: Federico Soto.
In El Cholar, Neuquén, families of crianceros were isolated by the storm and had to be assisted. Photo: Fabián Ceballos
In the midst of hundreds of thousands of people, the bus with the Argentine soccer team was found during the celebrations for winning the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Photo: Abd Rodrigo

This was the opening of the exhibition:

Near the 8:30 p.m. on Friday, May 24or was officially inaugurated 34th exhibition organized by the Association of Argentine Photojournalists at the National Museum of Fine Arts, in Neuquén. More than a hundred people participated in the moment. We show you how it was:

The Argra Exhibition has a section dedicated to the World Cup. Photo: Oscar Livera
The Argra exhibition has photos dedicated to the political agenda of 2022. You can see Javier Milei, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Alberto Fernández. Photo: Oscar Livera
The four photojournalists from Neuquén who are part of the Argra sample: Fabián Ceballos, Emiliano Ortiz, Federico Soto and Matías Subat. Photo: Oscar Livera
Nora Cortinas and Hebe de Bonafini among those portrayed in the Argra exhibition. Photo: Oscar Livera.
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