That the results of science and production reach the table • Workers

That the results of science and production reach the table • Workers
That the results of science and production reach the table • Workers

He added that they are working with the Institute of Plant Biotechnology of the “Marta Abreu” Central University of Las Villas in the introduction of potato varieties. She also referred to the experience of the El Guayabal university farm project, which includes eight programs aimed at the development of livestock, reproduction and health, as well as agricultural production and community development.

When speaking with the participants, the Head of Government was interested in the generalization of research to increase agricultural yields, he highlighted the urgency of strengthening the university-business link to contribute to the development of the territory and, also, of closing the research cycle to « “That all the thinking ends up on the Cuban table, with more production, more variety, more quality.”

Marrero Cruz pointed out that, in many places, it is still not possible to give importance to this concept and called for putting “science on the highest pedestal, to understand what research represents.” He pointed out that the Mayan scientific pole can move to a higher stage, because its potential is very clear, due to its experience, due to its lands, due to its institutions.

“We have to turn this into a national reference of what is the true chain between science, production and satisfaction of our people,” said Marrero Cruz, who expressed to the members of the Polo that they have to feel proud of having a center like this.

Later, in an exchange with members of the Provincial Council, the Prime Minister evaluated the results of the actions to confront crime, indiscipline, illegalities, drugs and acts of corruption. The meeting focused on issues such as the number of people disengaged from study and work, tax evasion and urban planning violations.

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