In the midst of the escalation of the conflict in Misiones, the Church asked not to fuel the confrontation

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“Close to the memory of the May Revolution, we call on rulers and citizens to assume the national events that opened with hope fundamental processes for our Nation, as a legacy that challenges us to continue working for justice and peace, paying special attention to the most needy,” added the church representatives.

AND They called on the entire society to attend the weekend masses and celebrations so that “God grants us all the wisdom of dialogue and the joy of ‘the hope that does not disappoint’.”

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In this frame The national government decided to step aside and pointed out that “this is strictly a Misiones problem” while ruling out sending new funds to pay teacher salaries.

“It is a somewhat complex situation in the province. There is a crisis over public salaries. The province is dedicated to trying to solve them and the national government is constantly talking with the provincial authorities to collaborate in the resolution of conflicts,” he said. Guillermo FrancosMinister of the Interior of the Nation.

Eight days of protests in Misiones

Misiones continues to be immersed in a chaos of strikes, strikes and camps due to the protests by police officers, teachers and health personnel demanding salaries above the poverty line. Eight days after the security force camp began, the provincial government suspended a meeting that was scheduled for this Friday.

This was confirmed by the spokesperson for the police officers, Ramon Amarillaby revealing that in the failed meeting a counterproposal would be presented to the Government of Misiones, headed by Hugo Passalacqua.

The officers who began the protest maneuvers In each instance of negotiation they asked for a 100% increase in their salaries taking into account inflation and the future cost of living.

On Thursday of this week, incidents occurred in the provincial Legislature and in the Governor’s house in rejection of the offer of a 30% salary increase that the Passalacqua government had presented.

The tension in the province not only includes law enforcement, since Thousands of teachers and public health employees are part of the demand for better salaries and joined the march on Thursday to the provincial Legislature. That’s why they ended up facing police officers from the Rapid Intervention Group stationed in the building.


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