Belgrano turns the score around and wins 2 to 1 against Central Córdoba (SE)

Belgrano turns the score around and wins 2 to 1 against Central Córdoba (SE)
Belgrano turns the score around and wins 2 to 1 against Central Córdoba (SE)
Argentine League

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May 24, 2024, 09:25 p.m. m.

On matchday 3, Bryan Reyna, Belgrano forward, scored twice and helped his team beat Ferroviario 2-1. After 48 minutes in the first half, Ferroviario took control of the game and took the lead after a shot from twelve steps executed that involved Tomás Molina. With the score against, Belgrano showed his fighting spirit and Bryan Reyna was the architect of the comeback, scoring two goals (from play), at 12′ of the second stage and at 22′ of the same half respectively, sealing with success a final result of 2 to 1.

Mariano Troilo hit the post and missed the opportunity to increase the lead in the 84th minute of the second half.

Bryan Reyna’s prominence established him as the best player of the match. The Belgrano striker showed his best level by scoring 2 goals, shooting twice into the opponent’s goal and making 7 correct passes.

Rodrigo Atencio was also key in the Gigante de Alberdi stadium. The midfielder from Central Córdoba (SE) stood out against Belgrano since he gave 74 correct passes, stole 4 balls and kicked the goal 3 times.

With many fouls, it was an intense match with many interruptions on the court. There were a large number of reprimands: Bryan Reyna, Alejandro Rébola, Dardo Miloc, Matías Moreno, Florián Monzón, Santiago Laquidain, Facundo Quignon and Rafael Delgado. Matías Moreno was sent off after receiving his second yellow card, in the 70th minute of the second half.

Belgrano’s coach, Juan Cruz Real, arranged a 3-4-3 formation on the field with Nahuel Losada in goal; Matías Moreno, Alejandro Rébola and Agustín Baldi on the defensive line; Juan Ignacio Barinaga, Esteban Rolón, Facundo Quignon and Juan Velázquez in the middle; and Matías Marín, Pablo Chavarría and Bryan Reyna in the attack.

For their part, those led by Lucas González stood with a 3-6-1 strategy with Luis Ingolotti between the three sticks; Dardo Miloc, Sebastián Valdez and Santiago Laquidain in defense; Oscar Garrido, Rodrigo Atencio, Kevin Vázquez, Walter Montoya, Matías Godoy and Mateo Sanabria in the midfield; and Tomás Molina up front.

The match at the Gigante de Alberdi stadium was directed by referee Luis Lobo Medina.

On the next date, Belgrano will host Argentinos Juniors. On the other hand, the Railway will receive Talleres.

The local team is in thirteenth place with 4 points, while the visitor still has no units and is placed in twenty-eighth place in the tournament.

Changes in Belgrano

45′ 2T – Agustín Baldi left for Rafael Marcelo Delgado, Esteban Rolón for Gerónimo Heredia and Matías Nicolás Marín Vega for Francisco González Metilli72′ 2T – Bryan Roberto Reyna Casaverde left for Mariano Troilo82′ 2T – Juan Ignacio Barinaga left for Santiago Longo

Changes in Central Córdoba (SE)

26′ 1T – Matías Emanuel Godoy left for Ramón Cansinos65′ 2T – Walter Iván Alexis Montoya left for Florián Gonzalo de Jesús Monzón83′ 2T – Oscar Ariel Garrido Bigolín left for Maximiliano Gonzalo Álvez

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