Helicopter, drones, dogs and 100 people: the mega operation in the mountains to find the German

With intense cold and the air that seems to burn the bones, about a hundred people make up the mega operation that seeks to find the whereabouts of Julia Horn, a German tourist. and 19 years old who disappeared on Thursday at noon while trekking on Cerro Tres Marías. This Friday, with the last hours of natural light, Diego Morales, the Deputy Chief of Police, gave details of the operation carried out in the mountains..

The girl, who is doing a kind of exchange that is actually volunteering for a foundation, began the climb mid-morning on Thursday with the firm idea of ​​being able to get “a selfie at Tres Marías” by entering the El Castillito area. . It was around 11 o’clock that no more was heard from her, which is why her family who houses her in San Juan filed a complaint against her.

In total, there are about 100 people, including volunteers, mountain experts and members of all Security forces in the province: There are members of the Infantry, GERAS Group, Firefighters, Personnel Search Personnel, Civil Protection, Dog Division and even Army personnel, added to the Andino Mercedario and mountain connoisseurs who joined during the course of the day.

With civil and police drones and even with the provincial helicopter that joined after noon, the search was carried out, so far, without success. The Deputy Chief of Police explained that Late this Friday night the search will be reduced to a tiny group that will be stationed in El Castillito. The thing is that the mountain conditions at night allow little to be done, on the contrary, they become a risk for those who are part of the search. Morales explained that during the day this Friday the wind was an opponent considering that it did not allow the dogs to work in the best way, and that with the gusts that are felt in the area, the trail was lost.

The operation will only resume in the early hours of Saturday. Although the cold in the mountains reduces the chances of finding the tourist alive, there is still minimal hope that the German woman is safe, injured by a fall, or that she has descended through another sector. Morales explained that the members of the search crossed the Tres Marías in reverse, that is, from the Cablecarril area in Zonda to the Castillito in Ullum and they were also unable to find any trace of the girl.

The Youth for Understanding Argentina Foundation has already informed the Embassy in Germany and the Consulate of the disappearance of Julia Horn. He even sent a member of said foundation to the province to closely monitor the situation.

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