César Camargo confirmed that Tolima will play under protest against Once Caldas

After learning of Dimayor’s resolution in which he modified the schedules of the fifth date of Group B, César Camargo, president of Tolima, confirmed in ESPN F90 that his team was not consulted to make the decision and that they will play under protest against Once Caldas.

The president of Pijao spoke exclusively with the show ESPN after finding out, according to his words, from Twitter of Santa Fe, that the game against Blanco Blanco had been moved to 6:00 pm, something that Camargo himself classified as a supreme “dimayorada”.

“I am sad to say that It is one of the biggest ‘dimayoradas’ that there has been. It was not consulted, we found out from him Twitter from Santa Fe. Frankly I feel sorry for what is happening. It cannot be that the schedule that has been accepted by the parties changes. Last semester, on the fifth date, we had to play against Águilas and then our opponents played knowing the result. “There it wasn’t Fair Play and it turns out that now it is,” he argued angrily.

In addition, Camargo adhered to the regulations, which indicate that the change can be made as long as all parties agree to the modification. “I would like to believe that she is innocent but I am afraid that she is not”complete.

On the other hand, César Camargo warned that his team will play under protest against Once Caldas in Palogrande. “I understand that Equidad doesn’t agree either, so I don’t think it has been consulted by all the clubs. We are going to play under protest and the only thing we hope is that this does not affect the equality of the game. “One cannot change the game chips 48 hours before the game.”


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