Achievable ideal | Column by Julio César Henríquez |

Achievable ideal | Column by Julio César Henríquez |
Achievable ideal | Column by Julio César Henríquez |

Eco was a sensual and seductive nymph due to the tone, timbre and harmonic frequency of her voice. To listen to him was to reach the peak of beauty on the audible route of knowledge. Her lips emitted such provocative signals that her fascination was combined with reality by the eloquent sighs of her charm.

The muses instructed him in the musical register with the perfection of the song inspired by the passions and courtship of the gods. One day Zeus believed he was flying with the impulse of the unique wings of hearing and provoked the jealousy of Hera, who cursed her by forever depriving him of her natural instrument. Echo’s sweet voice was reduced to the repetition of the last word uttered by his interlocutors. Did you know the Greek myth of Echo?

Thinking is the connector of reason with reality. People acquire a comprehensive dimension of the context if they exercise their thinking and are able to process information, transforming it into knowledge. Think and do not let yourself be guided by your impulses or the potential of your talent without evaluating the consequences. The echo of the truth leaves those who do not want to listen to arguments or great reflections deaf.

Saying what you think usually causes the envy of those who were not able to think it before. Have you felt the echo of your ideas in those who only know how to copy and repeat the force of your reasons? Even if they believe they surpass the source they do not cite, they end up being a poor imitation of the original idea.

The ideals are frames of reference followed by the generations that build the cultural heritage of the nation. Its projection reflects the collective desire for better leadership, a satisfactory and fulfilling social life with the convictions accepted by society.

If they lose practical meaning, it is the myths and fables that spread the erroneous belief that the future will always be better. Ideals have become fantasies since the value of the moral authority granted by impeccable conduct was lost.

The achievable ideal is the model, format, reference, pattern, archetype or paradigm that conquers impossibility, supported by the excellence of its purposes, the scope of its values, the capacity of its principles and the place of its ethical proposal based on highlighting the favorable effects it causes.

It is the dream embodied in a project that transforms the context, culture and traditional practices stagnated by the lack of execution of thought as a consequence of conformism and mediocrity.

Are the best example, good practices, probity and righteousness your achievable ideals?

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