Photos, applause and the revelation about the place that would be given to Nicolás Pino in the Government

Photos, applause and the revelation about the place that would be given to Nicolás Pino in the Government
Photos, applause and the revelation about the place that would be given to Nicolás Pino in the Government


President Javier Milei arrived this afternoon at the Argentine Rural Society property where the Autumn Angus Expo was held willing to take photos, shake hands, pose with producers and even with a baby. The crowd of people that formed as soon as they stepped into the Blue pavilion was uncontrollable. To his right was his sister and General Secretary of the Presidency at all times, Karina Milei, who later wanted to pose and pet the animals that were in competition. Unstructured and with a knowing smile Milei responded to LA NACION what place he would give to Nicolás Pino.

The fervor for Milei was evident as the security chiefs asked the rest of their members “not lowering” a barrier. People shouted from every corner “great Javier”, “let’s go Javi”, “Javi give me your number”.

“I would love to add Pino to the cabinet, but he has another more intense task”said to THE NATION with a look of complicity between them.

Milei’s visit to Expo Angus was an open secret: hours before, exhibitors, cabañeros and the general public inquired among themselves to find out the details of the operation. After 4 p.m., just as his arrival was scheduled, he entered the main pavilion of this exhibition through the laundry area and was able to observe some boxes where the Angus breed animals are found. He also briefly witnessed an auction by Colombo and Magliano..

President Javier Milei while putting the cucarda on the Angus Male Grand ChampionSantiago Filipuzzi

Then, on stage, amid applause and words of encouragement from the audience, Milei promised to eliminate export duties to the countryside, but first said that the Country tax must be removed. In addition, he assured that they are working hard to eliminate the traps. “I want you to keep in mind that, just as we have worked in the exchange market to end the gap, which at some point may have some oscillation with what is happening, we are also working hard to eliminate the stocks. And that, when we finish defusing all the bombs that the Kirchnerists left us, there will be a free exchange rate. And obviously, as the fiscal accounts begin to be recomposed and economic growth returns, first we are going to eliminate the PAIS tax and then the withholdings will follow, so that the countryside is completely free,” he said on stage. .

In another part of his visit, Diego La Torre, president of the Tecnovax laboratory, presented the head of state with a bottle of foot-and-mouth vaccine with the inscription: “Vaccine against monopoly.” He accompanied it with the phrase of “competition against foot and mouth disease”. By reading the bottle and listening to the dedication, Milei laughed out loud, which was accompanied by applause and cheers from the audience..

“We are the ones who are doing the most in the field”, responded to the press about the support of the field. The exchange with the media at all times was fleeting.

During his tour he greeted people, took photos and spoke to the Angus jury Santiago Filipuzzi

After giving the required words on stage, Milei went down to the court, spoke for a few seconds with Julian Fernandez, one of Angus’s jurors, before putting him the cucarda to the Grand Male Champion of the breed, a black bull from Safico, from the family Salemme. The president also greeted the champion’s owners.

Later, Karina Milei repeated the same thing with the Grand Champion Reserve from Cabaña Arandú. While speaking with Raúl Etchebehere, second vice president of the Rural Society, the official decided to pose with the rest of the animals that were inside the track. Before leaving the property, Milei also went to look at a tractor from a well-known company that was on the property, perhaps with the intention of getting on it, but he only reached the first step. A few minutes later, amidst applause and shouts of support, he withdrew in an intense operation that was also observed inside the Rural.

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