Insecurity in CABA: robberies increased by 15% during 2023 and the homicide rate maintained its lowest level since 1995

Insecurity in CABA: robberies increased by 15% during 2023 and the homicide rate maintained its lowest level since 1995
Insecurity in CABA: robberies increased by 15% during 2023 and the homicide rate maintained its lowest level since 1995

A City Police officer

The Buenos Aires Ministry of Security released this Saturday the preliminary report of the crime map 2023, the tool used by the government of the Buenos aires city to communicate the insecurity rates registered in CABA every year. In this last measurement, the results showed that the rate of homicides remained at its lowest number since 1995while crimes for theft increased by 15%. Among those that rose the most are those perpetuated from the use of weapons.

The statistics – which correspond to the management of the former head of Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta– arise from the comparison of the figures obtained for the same crimes during 2022. In this sense, although assaults have increased in recent months, the numbers continue to mean a decrease of 26% if they are compared to those reported 15 years ago.

In the details of the robberies recorded in 2023, a increase both in the crimes executed with weapons as in those of automotive type. In the latter there was an increase in twenty%. However, the level still remains among the lowest since 2002: since that year there has been a sustained decline of 86%.

Weapon robbery increased 7% compared to last year

Regarding robberies carried out by armed criminals (either with firearms or sharp elements or forceful) the increase was 7%. This modality represented 14% of the total assaults committed. However, despite this increase, the number is still lower than before the pandemic because of the coronavirus. Besides, fell 53% compared to the 2016 peak.

As the implementation of these tactics grew, so did there were others that went down. One of them is one that takes place with the use of a motorcycle, popularly known as “motojets”which historically was one of the most common.

In 2023, these types of thefts fell 12%. In relation to 2018, this percentage represents a drop of 60%when a maximum of 11,271 cases were recorded.

The “motojet” modality decreased by 12% in recent months

As for the theft or theft of property without the use of violence, these they rose 15% compared to 2022. As indicated by the ministry, this increase could be linked to an active campaign on the part of the City to facilitate complaints, either through 911, police headquarters and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The preliminary results of the 2023 Buenos Aires crime map were favorable in terms of the intentional homicides: the rate per hundred thousand inhabitants was 2.89, which represents the second lowest since 1995.

According to the survey, there were recorded 91 victims, There are only two more cases than in 2022. This figure represents a decrease in the 54% compared to 2014, when there were 197 cases. It was the largest amount since the late 1990s.

The figures on homicides recorded in 2023

Regarding the reasons that triggered these episodes that ended in crimes, the most recorded are the cases of “quarrel” or “revenge”, which represent 55% of the total. The murders committed in occasion of theft represents 12%.

Regarding the places in which they took place, of the 91 homicides in 2023, 41 of these occurred in vulnerable neighborhoods, representing 45% of the total. These areas are 2% of the City’s territory and 10% of the total population lives there, as they highlighted. In the rest of CABA, the homicides recorded were 50, with a decrease of 4% compared to 2022.

The Crime Map began to be developed in 2017 based on the collection, processing and analysis of information on illegal crimes. This is the seventh year in which the measurement has been carried out: it was provided by law 5,688 that created the Comprehensive Public Security System of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the City Police, in order to make an accurate diagnosis of the causes that come together in the criminal acts recorded in the different Communes.

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