Chile improves as a destination internationally and in perception of security

Chile improves as a destination internationally and in perception of security
Chile improves as a destination internationally and in perception of security

The results of the Longitudinal Study 2024have been presented to the Undersecretary of Tourism, Verónica Pardo, and the national director of Sernatur, Cristóbal Benítez.

They highlight that 52% of those surveyed affirm that ‘they have references to Chile and would like to visit it’.

The results of the Longitudinal Study of Priority Markets 2024 They aim to answer the question of What does Chile look like abroad?

The work carried out by Fundación Imagen Chile and IPSOS measures the perception of the country’s image in different areas and this year showed significant advances in the global perception of our country, reaching record levels of familiarity and favorability.

In this way, signing a 10% increase in preferences, Chile reached 52% of travel intention among the main destinations in South America during 2024, only surpassed by Argentina and Brazil.

Regarding the desire to visit the country in the next five years, Chile had the greatest positive variation in preference since 2020, going from 42% to 52% in 2024, and ranking only 3% of the leaders in travel intention, Brazil and Argentina.

The Undersecretary of Tourism, Verónica Pardo, assured that ‘the results are very interesting because they show us that the promotional actions we have been doing are bearing fruit. There is more memory of our country, there is more desire to come, the natural destination is known and it is believed that Chile is a place that is there and that it is desirable to come and see.’

For his part, the national director of Sernatur stated that ‘we believe that tourism is a fundamental part of the image of our country and we will continue working to strengthen our marketing plan strategy in these markets, which have been prioritized in our marketing plan. international marketing’.

‘Chile advances in its positioning as a leading destination in South America, supported by its incredible landscapes, its diverse and lively culture, its gastronomy and its people. We are a surprising and unique route, but we must work more to make ourselves known. That’s what we are doing at Imagen de Chile, together with the Undersecretariat of Tourism and Sernatur,’ said Rossana Dresdner, executive director of Imagen de Chile.

Travel intention and main barriers

When consulting about the intention to travel to Latin America in the 13 markets consulted, the Chinese city of Shanghai was the one that declared the most interest in visiting Chile, with 81%. This is followed by Sao Paulo (74%) and New Delhi (69%).

Distance remains the main barrier when visiting our country, going from 29% in 2020 to 39% in 2024. On the other hand, the perception of security in Chile has improved significantly in the last four years, dropping from 22% in 2020 to 14% in 2024.

Longitudinal Study of Priority Markets 2024

The study, which since 2020 has been carried out jointly by Fundación Imagen de Chile and IPSOS, seeks to answer the question “How does Chile look abroad?”, through the perception of the country by people abroad. .

The sample carried out for the year 2024 – between January 16 and 22 of this year – was prepared through surveys in the city of Seoul – in South Korea -, Mexico City and Lima, Sao Paulo, New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Shanghai, Tokyo, New Delhi and Dubai, which are considered priority markets for Chile and involved 2,600 participants, analyzing general perception, travel intentions and tourist barriers to visiting Chile.

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