Drug dealer fell in southern Armenia –

Author: Diego Fernando Tellez

The Police captured him when he was traveling on a motorcycle with several doses of marijuana.

In the Las Acacias neighborhood of Armenia, the National Police in Quindío captured a subject in flagrante delicto for the crime of trafficking, manufacturing or carrying narcotics.

The case occurred at a time when units attached to the CAI Los Naranjos were carrying out patrol work in the area and made a request to this individual, who was traveling on a motorcycle, for a search, identification and background check procedure. .

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This is how they found in his possession a hermetically sealed plastic bag that appeared to be a food product, which inside contained 20 smaller packages with similar conditions, which upon being thoroughly reviewed they discovered that it was marijuana.

In total, this person was transporting 370 grams of this illegal substance as well as a small weight that he probably used to measure it.

In this way, he was notified of his rights as a captured person and was taken to be placed at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office.

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