the ‘enigmatic’ case of the Institute

the ‘enigmatic’ case of the Institute
the ‘enigmatic’ case of the Institute

In the midst of the alleged irregularities that have become known regarding the allocation of scholarships in the municipality of Soledad, a new case draws attention. Its about Monsalve New Love Institutewith offices in the neighborhoods of Villa Katanga and Villa Karla. This school has been, for years, one of the most benefited from school places. This is confirmed by the documents registered on the Secop platform for 2022 and 2023, with more than 3,500 scholarships assigned per year,

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However, for the validity of 2024 And despite the fact that several parents assure that their children are on scholarships, paying an annual fee of $25,000, the contract for the provision of educational services is not published in the educational system. public procurement Secop.

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It is worth mentioning that this institute obtained its operating license in the year 2000, which is granted by the Atlantic Governorate through resolution No. 1875 of November 27, to offer the formal education service at the preschool levels (pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and transition); basic (1st to 9th grade) and secondary academic (10th and 11th grade) in Carrera 19 # 55-93, Villa Katanga neighborhood of Soledad. Subsequently, he appeals to the request of the Soledad Education Secretariat to request an additional headquarters to operate. Thus, through resolution No. 0354 of November 6, 2013, an establishment was authorized as a second headquarters located at 59 Street No. 4-05, in the Villa Karla neighborhood.

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The last modification to the license, according to the Secop recordswas the one made in 2017 through resolution No. 0345 of April 19, when the Monsalve New Love Institute changes owner. The school passes from Sara Porto Villarreal, legal representative, to Sara Porto SAS

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