the blooper of Javier Milei and Victoria Villarruel with the crown before leaving for Córdoba

One of the traditions in the Tedeum that takes place on May 25, in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires, is the offering to Jose de San Martin. It was there that a moment occurred that brought out some laughs, and was starred by the president, Javier Milei, and the vice president, Victoria Villarruel. It happened before leaving for Córdoba.

At the moment of leaving the laurel wreath with the Argentine flag, it fell. It was prior to the start of the religious celebration.

Upon leaving the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires, after the religious celebration, the president received some insults as he left the temple. Then, they were covered by chants in his favor from the people who came to support him.

Milei at the Tedeum: strong homily from the archbishop of Buenos Aires

Archbishop Jorge García Cuerva pointed out that “together we build the homeland.” He pointed out that “the paralysis of our people must be taken seriously,” among which he mentioned the lack of fraternity. He said there is “hands stained with blood from drug trafficking and corruption. He added that malnutrition in early childhood, deficiencies in education, and that what they earn “is not enough” for retirees is worrying. He criticized political leaders for “self-increasing salaries.” He invited people not to “play dumb” and noted that people “are making an enormous effort.”

He also said that he loves Argentina but at the same time there is a reality “that hurts us so much.”


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