Desperate search for a German tourist in San Juan: she disappeared while trekking

More than 100 San Juan Police officers search by land and air to a 19-year-old German tourist who has been missing since last Thursday, May 23, in that province.

The latest information is that the young woman, identified as Julia Horn, He was in the Ullum department to ascend the Tres Marías hill, but since then nothing has been known about his whereabouts.

The coordinating prosecutor of the UFI Generic Crimes, Daniela Pringlés, intervened in the case, who together with the provincial force They began with the first skills to locate the European tourist.

Judicial sources told TN that it will be decisive the geolocation of the cell phone that Horn had with him at the time of his disappearance. For this reason, the company providing the cell phone service was asked to specify, based on data cross-checking, when and where the last time the cell phone antenna was activated.

In addition to the Police, they are stationed at the scene Civil Protection, Geras and Firefightersin a joint effort to find the whereabouts of the young woman or find, at least, some trace to know where she is.

The search area is limited to about 20 kilometers. It is a measure against the clock, but with all the potential available and nearly 200 people destined to be able to find the whereabouts of the woman. All groups specialized in the mountains are collaborating to achieve the objective of finding the whereabouts of the person,” he indicated. Ignacio Achemflagrancy prosecutor.

Local media detailed that Horn Horn was in the province in her role as a volunteer for the NGO Youth For Understanding. The tourist had arrived in Argentina on April 17 of this year and, after passing through Santiago del Estero and Catamarca, I planned to cross the mountain range and go to Chile.

When and where was the German tourist last seen in San Juan

Investigators stated that Julia was last seen when he was going for a walk and part of her journey was captured by a security camera, which shows her getting off a bus, in the area known as El Castillito.

This occurred on Thursday at 11:55 and according to the first progress of the investigation, everything would indicate that the cell phone battery ran out or that it lost signal shortly after.

The Youth for Understanding Argentina Foundation informed the German Embassy and Consulate about Horn’s disappearance. The European country sent a representative to be part of the search party.

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