They expel two dangerous fugitive Brazilians, one of them linked to the Red Command

This Saturday, the Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking (Felcn) led by the Vice Minister of Citizen Security, Roberto Ríos, proceeded to the expulsion of two dangerous Brazilian citizens, with an extensive criminal record. One of them was linked to the criminal organization called ‘Comando Vermelho’.

Yesterday (Friday 05/24/24), in the capital of Santa Cruz, it was achieved the capture of Luiz Antonio Alves De Souzaknown as ‘Tony Maconha’ or King Da Maconha, who was under a prison order from the Court of Justice of the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil.

The Minister of Government, Eduardo Del Castillo, reported that intelligence work in conjunction with his Brazilian counterparts allowed detect the presence of the individual in Santa Cruz, and then apprehend him. Today, the individual was transferred by helicopter from the Red Devils facilities to the border where he was handed over to the authorities of the neighboring country.

Luiz Antonio Alves transferred from the Red Devils to the Brazilian border

Linked to the Vermelho Command

In Cochabamba, intelligence agents Brazilian Luiz Gomez Da Silva was captured, who moved in Bolivian territory under the false identity of Luiz Pardo Da Silva. At the time of his reduction he was in possession of controlled substances.

Del Castillo reported that the man He is a member of the feared criminal organization Comando Vermelhoand in his country he was being sought for homicide, criminal organization and other crimes.

In the same way, the uniformed men and Vice Minister Ríos They took him to the border with Brazil to be handed over.

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