Karl Marx or the May Revolution? The furcio that Javier Milei will never forgive himself for | The pearls of the event in Córdoba

In the Cordoba Cabildo, the same one that rejected the independence that was signed in its counterpart in Buenos Aires in 1810, Javier Milei tried to illustrate the scope of the revolutionary feat. The thing is that as President it was his first act on May 25 and he tried, with a sober tone, to fight against his eccentric and crazy nature. But in a battle even against his unconscious, the latter played a trick on him: he made him mix Marx with Mayo and ended up saying (or confessing) that socialism can cause an “explosion of wealth, growth and progress.” An outrage that the head of state will never forgive himself for.


But it was not the only gem that Milei left behind in La Docta. After the repression of the Gendarmerie against the workers (and karma made wind) the President was able to land at the airport of the capital of Córdoba, where he was received by Martín Llaryora. Together they traveled to the Town Hall and the president took some time – in a rather delayed act – to play with a faithful friend.

At the event Milei tried to set the political agenda with some messages: after the failure of the May Pact, he kicked the ball forward with the call for a May Council. He also promoted a reduction in taxes (which he himself raised) and the need to approve the Base Law. But perhaps he highlighted more his interest in raising the price of his Economy Minister, Toto Caputo, whom he defined as a “rockstar.” The return of the former Macri official was to give him a little heart, the same one that the market needs in the midst of the rise of the blue dollar and the hyperrecession.

The closing of the event was almost the same as always. In a spiritual tone, Milei asked God to “bless” Argentina and closed, on National Day, with her classic “Long live Liberty, damn it.” She said it three times, hoping that, between repetitions, the audience would intercede with a “Viva.” In the transmission the response was heard loudly, but the residents of Cordoba confess that the echo did not resonate as much in the middle of the Cordoba siesta. Some explanation? The forces of heaven might know something..

This is what the square looked like while Milei was speaking


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