Final details for the inauguration of Miguel Lillo Park

A few days after the inauguration of the Miguel Lillo Park in Lomas de Tafí, Mayor Alejandra Rodríguez accompanied by municipal authorities toured the property to verify the last stage of works. With a total intervention of seven hectares, the new space will be located in Parque Sur, dedicated to entertainment and community gatherings.

“On Saturday at 11 we are going to inaugurate this park that is part of the Argentine Parks. It is a very varied space in an environment surrounded by trees so that families can come and enjoy this place. It is a national project from the previous administration, one was carried out in each province and in this last stage the municipality took charge of the construction,” Rodríguez indicated.

The sports infrastructure will include three fields with equipment for practicing volleyball, basketball and soccer; one of the largest skate parks in the province, a climbing space with artifacts for the development of physical exercise, an aerobic playground for older adults and a patio with ping pong and chess tables.

Maximiliano Córdoba, councilor and first vice president of the Honorable Deliberative Council, highlighted that Tafí Viejo will be the site of the park corresponding to Tucumán. “We have high expectations, we made a technical visit and we are proud to have completed the works despite the cuts. We invite our neighbors to come, this adds to the tourist services that the city offers,” he stated.

The place will have an anti-shock rubber floor with traditional and integrative children’s games suitable for children from 5 to 8 years old and another space with climbing and climbing games for children from 12 years old and up.

“We visited the facilities, when you walk through it we can see how important it is for the city. Very happy that this type of work is being done, from the Environment Commission we have been promoting the creation of green, healthy areas and this is a good place to promote these activities in nature,” said Augusto Zuccarelli, councilor and Chairman of the Commission. Environment.

For cultural development, a natural amphitheater was created with lighting and concrete stands to accommodate 150 people. Urban equipment such as benches, tables, bicycle racks and waste baskets were also incorporated.





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