228 affected families leave floods and landslides in municipalities of the Atlántico

228 affected families leave floods and landslides in municipalities of the Atlántico
228 affected families leave floods and landslides in municipalities of the Atlántico

228 families from five municipalities in the Atlantic were affected by overflowing streams that caused flooding and landslides.

The Atlantic Government, The relief agencies and the municipal mayors’ offices work in an articulated manner to address the emergency faced by five municipalities of the department: Galapa, Malambo, Soledad, Tubará and Puerto Colombia.

In Galapa

In the Alpes de Sevilla village, in Galapa, a sudden flood occurred that affected the Las Margaritas sector and triggered the collapse of the box culvert due to to strong currents. This overflow caused the loss of belongings to 55 families.

In videos that circulate on social networks you can observe the flooded homes, animals in the street with water up to their necks and people pick up how ‘little’ they had left.

Jimmy Martínez, president of the Alpes de Sevilla Community Action Boardpointed out that “the rains caused damage to the sidewalks, The flow has increased, and there are homes with total losses in their belongings. There are collapsed bridges.”

Havoc in Soledad

The El Platanal stream, in Soledad, overflowed and caused damage in the sectors of Cabica, Normandía, Villa Selene, Villa Carmen and Ciudad Paraíso. At least, 14 homes were structurally damaged.

Boris Arboledal, communal leader of Ciudad Paraíso, He told where the water is leaking and the effects that this generates in homes.

“The streets flood too much because there is no way where they can go out. That water from a stream near the Central de Abastos and overflows there The stream is ugly and the water reaches the homes here,” he said.

The patron saint festivities of Soledad, which take place this weekend, also became a scene of community solidarity, where they collect humanitarian aid to help the victims.

Situation in Malambo

Malambo was affected in the sector of the Los Remedios bridge, which is located between the Sixth Entrance and the Second Circunvalar or Avenida La Prosperidad, where the force of the stream It burst into the rear gutter and undermined the slope, leaving the pavement unsupported. The bridge remains closed.

Emergencies in Tubará and Puerto Colombia

In Tubará there were three ravine landslides, the detachment of a wall, the overflowing of the Camura stream and the critical weakening of the bridge in the Altamira sector, which would cause 37 families to be cut off from communication.

Finally, in Puerto Colombia the San Carlos and León streams overflowed. Likewise, several structures are compromised, such as the Malecón and José Name bridges. Material slid in Vista Mar, which impacts the safety of residents.

There were also emergencies in Barranquilla

There were also damages in the capital of the Atlantic. For example, In the public market, some merchants were affected by flooding in their workplaces.

And the residents of the La Sierrita neighborhood, on 74th Street and 17th Street, experienced a complicated situation. There, at least eight homes were left unroofed and the walls fell due to the strong winds.

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