The hidden destination in an Argentine province to discover, between mountains and trees

In the heart of western Santiago del Estero, between ancient mountain ranges and lush vegetation, is located Villa La Punta, a destination that became a true hidden gem for lovers of adventure, nature and history. This picturesque town, located in the Choya department, offers a unique combination of impressive landscapes, sports activities and a rich archaeological heritage.

The mountains of Santiago del Estero have a geological history that dates back to prehistoric times. The archaeological sites in the region demonstrate the presence of populations since pre-Hispanic times. This historical heritage can be explored in the vicinity of Villa La Puntawhere streams such as La Chilca, Calapuchín, Pérez and Pozo de Leiva invite visitors to discover their natural and cultural wealth.

Villa La Punta, in Santiago del Estero.

Villa La Punta: outdoor activities for all tastes

Villa La Punta is a paradise for sports and adventure fans. This town stands out for its offer of outdoor activities, such as mountain biking, trekking, hiking and walking.

But not only athletes will find their place in Villa La Punta. Family walks and observation of local flora and fauna are perfect options for those looking to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature. The nearby ravines offer impressive landscapes, with waterfalls and rock formations.

Villa La Punta, in Santiago del Estero.
  • How to get to Villa La Punta

The town is located on Provincial Route 24, 80 kilometers east of Frías and just 5 kilometers from Estación La Punta, a small hamlet around the railway station.


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