four original options for winery in Mendoza

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Bicitren: a tour of wineries to the rescue of the railway

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The Bicitren is an ideal tour for vacations.

Pedaling on an adapted bicycle on tracks and bridges recovered from the Trasandino Railway is another alternative for those seeking to discover Mendoza in an original way.

“Bicitren” is the project that arose with the idea of ​​highlighting the emblematic national railways, which stopped operating in Mendoza. A group of train fans and lovers decided to restore a section and give it functionality, thus this proposal emerged that allows you to pedal while getting to know a part of Luján de Cuyo and Maipú from another perspective (along the train tracks), visit wineries and learn the railway history of the province.

With the proceeds from the tours, the Ferrotour Trasandino Association Mendoza continues its mission to save the stations and tracks that belonged to the railroad.

Two experience options are offered. A standard 8 kilometer route, lasting approximately 2 hours; and another premium one with a total length of 12 kilometers and a duration of 3 hours. Both include a guide and tastings in wineries.

Pedal-operated wine cart: like in Germany, but in Mendoza

Inspired by the carts that travel bars and beer factories in Germany, two friends created an option that surprises the tourists. It is a multi-bike, in which approximately 10 people pedal at the same time to push this vehicle that takes them through the streets of the Maipú Wine Trails to various places. wineries and olive growers.

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The company that offers these fun tours is Wine Beetle; They designed various proposals, which include tasting and a cold cuts board along the way, a guide, visits to the establishments and lunch at one of them if desired.

From warehouse to warehouse in star mobility

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Now you can travel wineries in electric skateboard.

There is no doubt that the electric skateboard has become one of the booms in sustainable mobility. More and more people choose to commute to their jobs, universities or daily activities in this friendly environment.

Taking this into account, a new tour arises grocer that takes you on an individual skateboard along the Luján de Cuyo cycle path. City Eco Tour proposes a tour not only with visits to wineries, also a walk through the Fader Museum, through the most iconic points of Chacras de Coria.

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Not everything is wineries in Mendoza: a distillery where you can make your own gin

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Do you want to make your own gin? In Mendoza you can.

Do you want to make your own gin? In Mendoza you can.

Yes ok Mendoza It is recognized as one of the Great Capitals of Wine, in the province it is also possible to discover the world of spirits and be surprised by the aromatic distillates.

In the heart of Chacras de Coria, in a typical house in this area of ​​Luján de Cuyo, is the Espíritu Zorro distillery. This is one of the first gin factories to open in Mendoza; back in 2018, when there were only 15 brands in Argentina (today there are more than 500 throughout the country).

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Attentive to the growth in the consumption of distillates and the interest in its process, the place offers guided tours of the small production plant and an experience like few others in Mendoza. Lovers of these drinks have the opportunity to be part of the process and design their own Gin in a picturesque laboratory while the products of the place are tasted.

Four options to know wineries, and not only wineries, in Mendoza in an innovative and fun way. For those who are looking for something more than the typical guided tours and want to get into action.

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