Santiago de Cuba: they report a young man murdered after a street fight

Santiago de Cuba: they report a young man murdered after a street fight
Santiago de Cuba: they report a young man murdered after a street fight

Citizen journalist Yosmany Mayeta Labrada confirmed, on his Facebook profile, the stabbing murder in Santiago de Cuba this weekend of an 18-year-old young man, identified as Dagner Lara Villalón, in a street fight.

According to the report on networks, the event occurred at a party in La Trocha, a central street in the capital of Santiago.

“There are images that I cannot post due to the seriousness of the incident, but a young man was left lying in the street bleeding and you can see a stab wound in his back.

“The blood clot that can be seen on the road was where he lay until he was taken to the nearest hospital,” wrote Mayeta Labrada.

A few minutes later, the reporter confirmed the death of the young man.

“One is called Fabián Palacios and he underwent surgery and we do not know his state of health, but the other young man named Dagner Lara Villalón, who was 18 years old, was seriously injured, which led to his death,” added in another post.

According to Mayeta, the murdered young man lived in the Agüero neighborhood in the José Martí District, and was at the “popular festival” where the street fight with knives broke out.

The mother of the murdered young man was identified as Yuleidi Villalón Suárez, a government official in Santiago de Cuba. It was also said that the father works at a gas sales point in the city.

“I am very sorry to inform you that we accompany the official Yuleidi Villalón Suárez. We are at the funeral home for the death of her son Dagner. EPD her soul,” wrote a colleague of the mother of the murdered young man.

Finally, the citizen journalist stressed that the images of the fight were “shocking” and that, when the young man was rescued, his life “was already hanging by a thread.”

“I call on Cuban youth to stay away from these parties, which only bring misfortunes and deaths,” Mayeta concluded.

In recent months, several cases of violence have been reported in Santiago de Cuba and the rest of the country.

Just two days ago, a Cuban man of approximately 60 years old, still unidentified, was murdered in the town of Dos Caminos, municipality of San Luis, in Santiago de Cuba.

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