2,000 electric bicycles, to improve mobility in Riohacha

2,000 electric bicycles, to improve mobility in Riohacha
2,000 electric bicycles, to improve mobility in Riohacha

In order to transform the lifestyle of Riohacheros, Mayor Genaro Redondo Choles implements a new sustainable mobility alternative with the launch of approximately 2,000 bicycles to citizens.

This initiative represents significant savings compared to the use of private vehicles and other transportation alternatives, reducing expenses and providing safe solutions for mobility.

Furthermore, promoting the use of bicycles promotes an active and healthy lifestyle, reducing the risks of diseases related to a sedentary lifestyle and improving the physical and mental health of citizens.

By promoting a non-motorized means of transportation, these bicycles also bring important benefits for the environment, since they reduce the demand for fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources, thus contributing to the conservation of natural resources and promoting the transition towards energy systems. mobility with clean energy.

This is because the bicycle does not use this type of fuel, which allows us to have cities that are less contaminated with this type of elements; as well as reducing levels of carbon monoxide and dioxide, significantly improving the quality of the air we breathe.

On the other hand, it generates employment in different areas, such as station management, bicycle maintenance, customer service and promotion of the system, thus contributing to the economic growth of the city.

Finally, it is committed to promoting tourism by offering visitors a unique way to explore the city in a sustainable and active way.

These bicycles will be distributed in more than 50 stations, in strategic points of the city and safe corridors will be implemented so that students from the University of La Guajira and SENA Industrial can access other opportunities to attend their training processes.

“The idea is that we can move easily, since they will have the ability to access this service at different stations so that people can move quickly, but also in a safe way. In this way, we are also contributing to sustainable mobility in the District of Riohacha and how good it is through these electric bicycles, which will soon be in the city so that you can have them,” said the District Mayor. .

The implementation of this system has been successful in other cities such as Bogotá and will also reach others such as Cali and Barranquilla, as a result of the coordination with the private sector, through the social responsibility of more than 33 entities.

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