He beat Independiente (P) and is two steps away from promotion in the Federal Basketball League

It was worth waiting until the third game. Pacífico played a great game, clearly defeated Independiente de Pico and reached the conference semifinals of the Federal Basketball League. They are among the eight best teams in the country and in the penultimate step towards the Argentine League they will face Regatas de San Nicolás.

In an old Ramírez to explode, the Dean defeated the La Pampa team by a clear 88-76, sealed the series 2-1 and fulfilled the objective of being the protagonist until the close of the national competition. He was the best in the regular phase, he passed two play-off series and now he will meet a strong rival, who also made the difference in the qualifying round.

Lucas Villanueva, always vital for the Dean. He scored evenly at the end and reached 24. (Matias Subat)

To put in a frame

Marco Roumec was the man of the night in the capital stronghold. He reached 30 points, but it was vital in the first reaction. With two identical bombs he shook off the drowsiness, reversed a start with doubts and from then on the Dean never again gave up the lead in the game. El Rojo, a tough team with big names for the category, put up a battle, but this time Pacífico had resistance and defended much better than in game 2.

Another who recovered his level was Alex Soria. The intern, decisive in the initial phase, had lowered his numbers in the playoffs, but recovered them at the right time. He signed a double-double with 10 points and 11 rebounds, and was decisive in hot moments.

Soria was once again dominant near the glass. (Matias Subat)

Blessed double digit

Although it is true that the local team controlled the score, they did not manage to get away in the first two quarters, which closed 28-20 and 49-40. Peace of mind came in the third, when the lead was 12-14 points. There, the balance definitely tipped to the side of the homeowner.

The series had been marked with fire triples in their first two games, but this time they both lowered the number. The Dean finished with 8/27 and the Red with 7/25. Now him Statistical data to highlight was on the line of sighs. There you can lose games and Rojo de La Pampa is in a position to confirm this, because they shot just above 50 percent (13-25). Pacífico was more effective, with 18-24 and there it also made differences.

Maxi Rubio’s team made it among the eight best in the country. (Matias Subat)

The synthesis

Pacific (88): Lucas Romera 11, Maro Roumec 30, Lucas Villanueva 24, Sebastián Godoy Vega 9, Alex Soria 10 (FI), David Fric 2, Giuliano Sasso 2. DT: Maximiliano Rubio

Pico Independent (76): Nicolás Kalalo 17, Nicolás Henriquez 9, Joaquín Morandini 11, Jeffrey Merchant 15, Matías Sesto 6 (FI), Tomás Ramallo 8, Genaro Calcaterra 10, Blas Lino. DT: Juan Cruz Pagnanini

Partials: 28-20, 49-40 and 74-61

Basketball court: Viejo Ramírez, Neuquén

Controlling Merchant was vital. Objective accomplished. (Matias Subat)
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