Corrientes: contraband merchandise found in 100 parcels

Corrientes: contraband merchandise found in 100 parcels

The packages had been interdicted by the National Gendarmerie after inspecting logistical transport during their passage through the provinces of Misiones and Corrientes.

After opening it, the officers found cigarettes, cell phone batteries, smartphones, video game consoles, tires, thermoses, among others.

Dependent personnel from Squadrons 7 Paso de los Libres “Cabo Misael Pereyra” and 11 “San Ignacio” complied with the judicial orders that ordered the opening of 100 parcels interdicted in previous operations, under suspicion of being smuggled merchandise.

In Corrientes, the officers inspected the contents of 31 packages, within which they found 6,370 packages of cigarettes of foreign origin, 438 electronic cigarettes, 650 cell phone batteries, 100 video game consoles, 15 smartphones, 1 printer and 1 counting machine money.

Meanwhile, in Misiones, the package contained 492 cell phones, 99 tires of different wheels and sizes and 32 aluminum thermoses.

The entirety of the merchandise, which has an approximate value of 61,527,217 Argentine pesos, was of foreign origin and did not have the necessary customs guarantees to justify its legal entry into Argentine territory, so at the direction of the intervening Magistrate it was seized. in violation of Law 22,415.


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