Neighbors demonstrated again against the Bishopric’s crematorium

Neighbors demonstrated again against the Bishopric’s crematorium
Neighbors demonstrated again against the Bishopric’s crematorium

Neighbors of the Villa Zorraquín neighborhood, north of the city of Concordia, marched again against the construction of a crematorium oven, whose execution has been pending since 2022. The protesters demanded responses from the municipality.

In this opportunity, The protest was held in front of the Bishopric of Concordia and the encyclical Laudato Si, prepared by Pope Francis, was cited.where its third chapter refers to the fact that “the deterioration of ecology goes hand in hand with the deterioration of society.”

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The encyclical letter also denounces “social evils, selfishness, consumerism, throwaway culture and relativism.” In this context, the neighbors cited the need to “discussion spaces where those affected by works that alter the environment are heard”.

The claim of residents of Villa Zorraquín

It will be recalled that the claimants alleged In the vicinity of the work, where the Carmelitas Descalzas convent is located, there are inhabited homes and a settlement where educational establishments, hotels and tourist investments are located.. Until now, No type of environmental impact assessment was known from the province but the work never ceased construction..

As reported Rio Uruguay Newspaperthe claim of the Concordiense neighborhood began at the beginning of 2022 and Facundo Galvani, a neighbor, pointed out that An environmental impact study report was requested from the municipality of Concordia after the change of authorities, but “we had no response.” “There is no transparency in the efforts, neither in Concordia nor in the province”Galvani noted, “We went to speak with the Bishopric and they told us that they are subject to what the Environment Secretariat says”.


Credit: Diario Río Uruguay

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“We don’t trust”said the neighbor, “If there is not a transparent and direct dialogue, we do not understand what is happening and it seems that there is a silence that will resolve it. We have maintained what we say for a long time and we have reasons to say it”. Furthermore, the complainant indicated that “Three or four months ago we requested an audience with the mayor (Francisco Azcué) and we have not had a response. We want to hold the hearing because when he was a candidate for mayor, during his campaign he came to Villa Zorraquín, spoke with us and understood the seriousness of the matter”.

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