the Samoré pass, closed again by snow

This Saturday the mountain region woke up with isolated snowfalls. The meteorologist of the Interjurisdictional Authority of Cuencas, Fernando Frassetto, explained that Starting today “there will be temporary improvements, with some chance of snowfall.”although without the intensity of last Thursday.”

“There will be unstable periods – he added – even during this Saturday, but the trend towards improvement is gradual, especially on sunday”.

He said the cold will remain. “We must be attentive to this Antarctic air that, First it’s snow, then ice. Therefore, we must be attentive to difficulties on the roads,” he mentioned.

Frassetto stated that “a wet week is approaching with a new rain and snow system, especially in the mountainswest of Río Negro, between June 26 and 27.”

From National Roads they reported that National Route 40, between Bariloche and El Bolsón, is passable with extreme caution due to the humidity caused due to the rains in much of the section. There are icy sectors in the high areas. It is mandatory to wear chains, as on Route 23, between Comallo and Dina Huapi, where this Saturday the restriction on trucks was finally lifted.

Route 237 and the Siete Lagos road are also passable.

After evaluating the conditions, the authorities defined this morning the reopening of the Cardenal Samoré border crossing for private vehicles and only after 2 p.m., for trucks.

However, around 5 p.m., the international crossing vIt was closed again for all types of vehicles due to the “intense snowfall”indicated the Chilean customs authorities this afternoon.

In this step it was expected, however, an overload of trucksbefore the closure of the Cristo Redentor passes in Mendoza and Pino Hachado in Neuquén, highly traveled by cargo transport.

For their part, other passes that connect the Neuquén territory with Chile also remain closed, such as Icalma and Hua Hum. Mamuil Malal meanwhile is open to circulation.

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