Ban on single-use plastics: When does it come into effect and what are the exceptions?

Ban on single-use plastics: When does it come into effect and what are the exceptions?
Ban on single-use plastics: When does it come into effect and what are the exceptions?

Starting this coming Sunday, July 7, the ban on the production and use of single-use plastics will come into force throughout the country. This measure will begin to comply with the Law 2232 of 2022which determines the gradual reduction and replacement of this material.

Once this rule comes into effect, some products that have a single-use plastic component will gradually leave the markets. The above is with the purpose of making a transition to more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials..

Products that must leave the market on July 7, 2024

With this new measure that will begin in the second week of next month, some of the products that use this type of plastic will no longer be able to be marketed, distributed or introduced in the nation, among which are plastic bags for loading or transporting packages and merchandise, straws, mixersamong others.

Products that will no longer be marketed in Colombia

  • Point of payment bags, that is, bags in warehouses, stores and supermarkets.
  • Bags used to package newspapers, magazines, advertising and invoices, as well as those used in laundromats to package washed clothes.
  • Rolls of empty bags on commercial surfaces, that is, bags in which vegetables, fruits and tubers are placed in stores and supermarkets.
  • Drink mixers and straws.
  • Plastic supports for inflation pumps.
  • Plastic holders for cotton swabs used in ear cleaning.

Based on the above, it is worth mentioning that to this measure will be added the July 7, 2023 containers or packaging, containers and bags for immediate consumption, plates, trays, knives, confetti, tableclothsbetween many more.

What plastic products will not leave the market?

Law 2232 of 2022 determines that not all single-use plastics must be eliminated. Precisely, the products that are exempt from the prohibition are all those that have a medical purpose or that are used for food preservation.

“Within the law there are a series of exceptions that include, for example, the bags or products used to package goods of animal origin, where all meat, chicken, dairy and similar products are located. Additionally, the products in the family basket that are not vegetables or fruits with peel. There are also biodegradable ones, reusable ones, products made with recycled raw materials, among others.“said Daniel Mitchell, manager of Acoplásticas, in dialogue with Noticias Caracol.

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