The Enseñá por Argentina call opened: they are looking for professionals who want to teach classes

The Enseñá por Argentina call opened: they are looking for professionals who want to teach classes
The Enseñá por Argentina call opened: they are looking for professionals who want to teach classes

The Enseñá por Argentina call is aimed at university graduates from CABA, San Isidro and Zárate.

The invitation is challenging: “Become an inspiring teacher and guarantee quality learning in the most disadvantaged schools.” The call comes from the foundation Teach for Argentinawhich reopened registration for its Collective Leadership Programintended for university professionals CABA, San Isidro and Zarate who want to teach in schools in vulnerable contexts.

The initiative seeks to promote leadership and the transformation of the educational system in these districts. During the 18 months For the duration of the program, participants will receive leadership training and specialized guidance, while working in schools in disadvantaged communities. The call is open until July 22 and the start is in August.

“We know that the educational system is not guaranteeing opportunities for all boys and girls and that many of them finish school without sufficient learning. But we also know that all children can and deserve to learn, and that is why we are looking for the new generation of leaders who can put yourself at the service of your students for a year and a half and then dedicate one’s entire life to building a more just system,” he said. Veronica Cipriotaexecutive director of Enseñá por Argentina and graduate of the program in 2015.

Since its creation in 2011, the Collective Leadership Program has benefited more than 150,000 students and has had the participation of more than 400 professionals dedicated to improving education, reported from the NGO.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will have access to a wide network of professionals at a national and international level, thanks to the association with the network Teach For All, present in 62 countries. Currently, 80% of Enseñá por Argentina alumni continue to be linked to the educational field in various areas such as teaching, public policy, social innovation and educational leadership, the organization indicated in a statement.

The program develops a theoretical-practical experience with more than 400 hours of training, including mentors and personalized coaching. Additionally, participants perform docents practices in the classroom and receive a financial incentive for those hours of pedagogical practice. This model aims to enhance the professional and personal development of each participant.

Program activities will begin with an initial training seminar in August 2024 and will extend for 18 months. The Enseñá por Argentina Professionals (“PExAs”, as they are called in the organization) join communities in contexts of educational vulnerability and collaborate with the teaching of classes. The PExAs receive a scholarship similar to the salary of a recently received teacher with a part-time position.

From Enseñá por Argentina they emphasize the importance of “collective leadership“, and explain that “the collaboration of people with a common purpose” allows you to achieve results that you could not achieve individually. They also point out: “The challenges we face are complex and require the participation of multiple actors working togetherin different lines and throughout the system, exercising leadership and learning together.”

“In an interconnected and diverse world, collective leadership is a powerful tool to address systemic problems and generate a positive impact in our communities and in the world in general,” they add from the organization.

Enseña por Argentina is part of Teach For Allan international network of NGOs with a presence in 62 countries whose objective is “to eliminate educational barriers that prevent children and young people from accessing quality education.”

Created by Wendy Kopp in 2007since its launch Teach for All selected more than 100,000 young leaders to work in schools from excluded sectors around the world. In Argentina, the proposal calls for teachers and university graduates from different professions to have experience teaching in schools or in vulnerable communities.

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