Small coffee growers in Manizales will have 30% discounts on the purchase of inputs: The Ministry of Agriculture opened the call

  • He National governmentthrough the Fund for Access to Agricultural Inputs (FAIA), began the process to provide 30% support to the coffee sector in the purchase of inputs necessary in crops.

The Secretariat of Agriculture of Manizales invites all small coffee producers to register for the call for the Fund for Access to Agricultural Inputs (FAIA), to benefit from the initiative, promoted by the National Government, which seeks to provide a 30% discount on the purchase of inputs and facilitate access to priority resources in the coffee growing processes.

The main objective of the program is to strengthen coffee production in small farmer areas, promote sustainable agricultural practices and improve the quality of life of peasant families. The call represents a significant opportunity for small producers in the region, allowing them to reduce investment costs and increase the productivity of grain crops.

Those interested must meet the following registration requirements:


  • Soil Fertilizers
  • Biofertilizers
  • Beauveria bassiana


  • Citizenship card
  • Sisbén between A1 to c18
  • Farm structure less than or equal to 5 hectares of coffee of productive age

Telephone numbers for information:

  • 300 9130228
  • 311 3936437
  • 321 7893762


There is no cost to register for the program.

*If you belong to an indigenous group or NARP population and do not have Sisbén, you must present a Census list or Certificate from the Community Council.

The Secretary of Agriculture, Luis Guillermo Quintero Estrada.

The Secretary of Agriculture Luis Guillermo Quintero Estrada invited: “From the Ministry of Agriculture we want to extend the invitation to all our agricultural producers to participate in the FAIA program, Fund for Access to Agricultural Inputs. It is a program of the Ministry of Agriculture from the direction of agricultural and forestry chains. Remember that the requirements you must present to be able to enroll in this program are a citizenship card, you must belong to SISBEN between A1 and C18 and you must have a farm structure of no more than 5 hectares. The benefits that the 30% support will have for the coffee sector will be represented in agricultural inputs. “Do not miss this opportunity to access this pool of resources that amounts to 54 billion pesos from the national level.”


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