The most emotional science fiction film of recent years is on Prime Video and only lasts 90 minutes

At the beginning of the last decade, director Jake Schreier released his debut film, ‘A Friend for Frank’ (2012), in theaters, a film that fuses genres such as science fiction, drama and comedy. The plot revolves around Frank, played by Frank Langella, a lonely elderly man struggling with memory loss and loneliness. Frank’s life changes when his son gives him a robot with artificial intelligence called Robot, voiced by actor Peter Sarsgaard, whose mission is to take care of him and accompany him. Soon, Frank and Robot develop an unexpected friendship that will transform the protagonist’s life. The film is currently available in the Amazon Prime Video catalog.

A Contracorriente Films

After its release, the film had a modest passage through the international film awards circuit. His time at the 28th edition of the Independent Spirit Awards was not fruitful, as he was unable to win the award in the category of Best New Screenplay for Christopher D. Ford in the only nomination for which he aspired. Nor could it succeed at the Sitges Film Festival, where the film was nominated in the Best Film category, which the French experimental film ‘Holy Motors’ (2012) finally won, but nevertheless it did manage to obtain the Award. of the Public.

A Contracorriente Films

Some of the highlights of ‘A Friend for Frank’ are its convincing portrayal of Robot, where visual effects and sound design help bring the character to life in a realistic and emotional way, while Peter Sarsgaard’s vocal performance gives it a unique depth. The well-crafted script allows the film to create a futuristic but familiar atmosphere that envelops the viewer in the story and makes them reflect on the relationship between humans and technology.

The distribution is supported by Frank Langella’s remarkable performance in the role of Frank, whose emotional and moving performance earned him critical acclaim. The film features the work of Peter Sarsgaard in the dubbing of the robot, as well as the supporting performances of James Marsden, Liv Tyler and Susan Sarandon, who complement the cast with solid and convincing works, contributing to the development of the story and the dynamic between characters.

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A Contracorriente Films

Fotogramas’ review of ‘A Friend for Frank’ echoes Langella’s wonderful work: “A strange character, between senile breakdown (loss of memory) and the lucidity of an old fox (he mocks the sheriff who suspiciously suspects him). brilliant) and of which the veteran Frank Langella, who was previously Richard Nixon, and, before that, Dracula himself, makes a great composition. Submitted by the debutant Schreier to a neat, temperate handwriting, it is a comedy that lacks gas and trepidation, but distills a persuasive existential melancholy that recalls the deep sadness of ‘Gattaca’”.

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