One of the most surprising post-apocalyptic movies has just arrived on Amazon Prime Video. Dystopia that leads to autocracy with pure Korean thriller energy

A powerful fantasy genre proposal that was sent to the Oscars

Despite all the fictions that try to warn of the rise of authoritarian forces, it seems that not much attention is paid to them and we end up falling into errors that are then comfortably pointed out from the armchair. Still, the authors They do not cease in their efforts to try to capture these situationseven in the form of entertainment.

Dystopias have become a highly coveted as well as popular genre, because there seems to be a certain satisfaction in seeing how humanity can behave when it is really put on the ropes. Disasters and the post-apocalypse often lend themselves to establishing conclusions either interesting or powerful. Something that is reflected in ‘Concrete Utopia’.

a chaotic building

The film that South Korea chose last year to be its representative at the Oscars, although it fell quite a bit by the wayside. What he did get Um Tae-hwa it’s an interesting cult phenomenon for fantasy cinema which from today will be able to be seen streaming through Amazon Prime Video.

An earthquake like never before devastates the city of Seoul, which is completely destroyed and turned into a sea of ​​rubble. In this context, a block of buildings has managed to remain standing, and its inhabitants They do everything possible to try to survive in this last bastion. As desperation progresses, truly drastic and even inhumane measures will be taken.

‘Cocrete Utopia’ is emerging as a metaphor whose implications are so clear that they can be seen in its façade itself. Although the lack of folds or true nuances is compensated by the forcefulness with which it tells, showing with that mix of freneticism and melodrama that marks mainstream Korean cinema as it drifts towards autocracy.

‘Concrete Utopia’: straight-up Korean thriller

Its most surprising points are in how its plot is revealed, how the cards are positioned and the context of the characters emerges. His way of surprising shows that he has a more entertainment-oriented character than to exploration, managing to be quite effective in its purpose.

Although the overall film may suffer from this direct nature that, however, lengthens a little unnecessarily by stretching its plot, ‘Concrete Utopia’ avoids the lazy tendencies of many home-based dystopias that populate streaming platforms. An effective job that does not disappoint.

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