a film with Guillermo Francella of less than 2 hours that is sweeping Netflix and is the most viewed

With a very captivating story, Guillermo Francella He manages to captivate everyone with his performance, very well complemented by the actress Araceli González.

With a duration of 1 hour and 37 minutes, the movie of Netflixwhich was praised by the specialized press, has been available on the platform since December 13, 2023.


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Netflix: what the movie A Day in Paradise is about

The users of Netflix They were delighted with the plot of the moviewhich revolves around the colorful relationship between Reynaldo (Guillermo Francella), a very experienced photographer, and Tati (Araceli González), a very beautiful model. While they fully live the relationship and experience the beauty of love at first sight, the relationship is hindered by having to sustain the lie that they themselves created, of believing themselves to be very successful in their respective professions, when in reality this is not so.


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Cast of A Day in Paradise, Netflix movie

  • Guillermo Francella (Reynaldo/Roy)
  • Araceli González (Tati / Brenda)
  • Claudia Fontán (Pelusa)
  • Javier Lombardo (Berardinelli)
  • Márgara Alonso (Doña Paula)
  • Graciela Tenenbaum (Psychoanalyst)
  • Marcos Woinski (Muller)
  • Silvina Bosco (Sonia)
  • Martin Seefeld (Nacho)

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Trailer for A Day in Paradise, Netflix movie

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