the brother spoke and the fans are worried

the brother spoke and the fans are worried
the brother spoke and the fans are worried

The legendary musician Javier Martínez is going through a delicate moment of health, according to his brother on the artist’s official Facebook account (“Manal Javier Martínez”).

“At this moment I feel that I must communicate with the followers of my brother Javier. For me always: my brother. For you, his friends, his fans. He is in very serious health. If it were not like that, I would surely remain silent. But given the circumstances I am making the situation public. admitted to intensive care at IMAC, Avda. Díaz Vélez”.

The post by Javier Martinez’s brother on the musician’s Facebook account.

According to friends and acquaintances, he entered the SEMED Clinic in Saavedra yesterday Thursday due to complications from a fall at home. She also had a series of infections. He was lucid and in good spirits, telling musical and personal anecdotes.

His sister also confirmed to friends that “the situation is complicated.”

A recent image of Javier Martínez, leader of Manal.

Manal, a pioneer group

Javier Martínez is the founder and leader of Manal, the main and first blues group in Spanish. He formed the group with Alejandro Medina and Claudio Gabis.

In 1968 they released their first single on the independent label Mandioca with the songs What a pity you give me/To be another manthe following year another with No kid/I need a love and in 1970 Tomato juice/Rivadavia Avenue.

Manal, live: Claudio Gabis on guitar, Javier Martínez on drums and vocals, and Alejandro Medina, on bass.

The album Manal of 1970 is considered one of the most important works of rock in Spanish.

The cover of Manal’s debut album, nicknamed “Labomba”.

A great poet

Javier Martínez is the author of the lyrics of songs like Avellaneda blues, which Luis Alberto Spinetta himself praised in many interviews. He achieved a unique way of accommodating Spanish words to the rhythms of blues.

Although he was previously in groups such as Los Secuaces and Los Beatniks, Manal was his most forceful musical project. It was put together at the end of the ’60s, when Argentine rock was taking its first steps thanks to artists like Moris, Miguel Abuelo, Tanguito, Pappo, Litto Nebbia with Los Gatosand Gustavo Santaolalla with Rainbow.

Manal released a second album in 1971 (The lion) and Javier then emigrated to Spain, but not before participating in the legendary BA Rock festivals. He also recorded with Billy Bond and The Heavy Rock.

Medina, Martínez and Gabis, at the time of the 1980 meeting.

Their return and the eventual reunion of the famous trio occurred in 1980, with a new album, successful and massive shows at the Obras stadium and a live album.

Manalen 2016. Photo David Fernandez

As a soloist, in 1983 he released southern sun and in the ’90s Currents and swing (later reissued as Enough of the idiots). In 2016 there was an important Manal meeting organized by businessman Jorge “Corcho” Rodríguez, which included a show at his private club Red House, a live album, a DVD and a luxurious photo book.

Javier Martinez in the mid-80s, when his career as a soloist took shape. Photo Guillermo Rodriguez Adami

As a rarity, Martínez boasts a singular record for continuous battery run. 41 and a half hours, stopping only 5 minutes per hour to feed. The event took place in 1985, was sponsored by the Municipality of the city of Toulon and supported by many musicians from all over the world who came to accompany it.

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