Piti Fernández and La Beriso’s decision: “New songs can be classics” – Notes – Viva la Radio

Piti Fernández and La Beriso’s decision: “New songs can be classics” – Notes – Viva la Radio
Piti Fernández and La Beriso’s decision: “New songs can be classics” – Notes – Viva la Radio

The renowned singer and composer of “The pills of the grandpa”German “Piti” Fernandezshared his enthusiasm for returning to Córdoba in dialogue with Chain 3.

“It is always crazy to come to Córdoba, it is always a reason for happiness,” said the artist.

“Everyone knows that Córdoba is my place in the world. I really spend the summer in Córdoba every time I can,” added Piti, who also revealed that he has a piece of land in Traslasierra and friends spread throughout the province.

Piti recalled with joy the concert they gave before more than 35 thousand people in Ferro. “We had fifteen thousand, twenty thousand, we had up to twenty-six thousand people, but thirty-five thousand makes us realize that Las Pastillas del Abuelo still continues to adopt fans into its family,” he expressed excitedly.

When asked about Rolo Sartorio’s (La Beriso) comment about not recording more albums because fans always ask for the classics, Piti responded: “I think it depends. Clearly people have a predilection for those times when everything felt flowery.” of skin, adolescence”.

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However, he stressed that there is also room for new things: “people always ask you for El Sensei, that also happens, but they also ask you for new songs.”

“We are bands whose members have been for forty years, twenty years as a band. So, well, it is normal that people of our generation are waiting for those songs that perhaps were the unreleased ones, as happened to us now when we released a song with Emanuel by Ke Personajes and that it works very well because it is a song that is 22 years old and today we revive it and people feel identified as when they were teenagers. Those feelings return, those emotions return. But it also happens like in our album 20-20. , where the song El Favorno may no longer be on the list because people adopted it as a kind of new classic, a young classic.”

As for current music, Piti mentioned that he listens to the new stuff by Paco Amoroso and Catriel. She also recalled with emotion a historical moment in which she sang in tribute to Maradona at a Huracán match: “It was one of the most impressive moments of my life,” she confessed.

Piti closed the interview with an invitation: “Come to the Plaza de la Música, on May 17.” It will undoubtedly be a great event for all Cordoba fans.

Interview by Geo Monteagudo.

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