Taylor Swift revolutionizes Liverpool and will even change the name of the city

Taylor Swift revolutionizes Liverpool and will even change the name of the city
Taylor Swift revolutionizes Liverpool and will even change the name of the city

The birthplace of the Beatles will receive the artist of the moment on June 13 as part of “The Eras Tour.” To take advantage of the impact of the American pop star, local authorities announced that they will intervene artistically in the city for an entire week.

Liverpool (England) is a city that, thanks to The Beatles, needs no introduction, but is willing to go beyond The Fab Four. And that he warned in Taylor Swift an opportunity to renew his fame. The American pop singer, one of the greatest contemporary figures in global music, will visit the Anfield stadium on June 13, 14 and 15, with her tour “The Eras Tour”. For the occasion, Liverpool City Council stated that it will temporarily change its name: it will be called “Taylor’s Town.” Liverpool’s “swiftie” moment includes a tour of 11 installations inspired by a different stage in the artist’s career.

The tribute will be released on June 8 and is dedicated to the 150,000 fans who will arrive in the British city to enjoy the shows. And the idea is that there is no shortage of scenarios to take selfies. According to the BBC, the Liverpool One and Met Quarter shopping centers and the Royal Albert Dock complex will be decorated. Pending eight more spaces being added over the next few days, the city will also have a moss-covered grand piano inspired by the album “Evermore”; a red room alluding to the album “Red”; giant hearts in homage to the studio material “Lover” and a mural based on “Fearless” with the number 13, which is the one that obsesses the singer.

FIRST INTERVENTIONS. The façade of St George’s Hall was adorned with a sign bearing the phrase

“Tay Day”

The University of Liverpool will also join the “swiftie” wave and name June 12 “Tay Day.” The educational institution schedules a symposium for fans, students and academics in the country to interact with the cultural phenomenon that the singer represents. “The musical, social and economic impact of Taylor Swift is undeniable,” they stated. Sam Murray and Amy Skjerseth of the Institute of Popular Music, in dialogue with the BBC. “That’s why we really want to start a conversation about how Taylor is both Miss Americana and an anti-heroine, and to understand her style and discuss her reputation,” the academics said.

The numbers back it up.

In just over a week since its release, his latest album “Tortured Poets Department” became the most successful debut album of his career. Released on April 19, 2024, this album sold 6.6 million physical copies worldwide. And it managed to reach first place in sales – it is Swift’s fourth album to do so. She also broke records in vinyl format: she sold 2.6 million records in the United States, surpassing “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” her previous work.

In this context of endless popularity, Taylor Swift’s tour of England is expected to not only attract thousands of fans, but also stimulate various sectors of the British economy. According to a report by consultancy Barclays called “Swiftonomics”, the singer’s arrival will provide a £997 million boost to the UK economy. “The Eras Tour” will tour four British stadiums over 15 nights. Nearly a million “swifties” will attend the concerts and it is estimated that each of the attendees will spend an average of USD 921. This volume of spending will not only benefit sectors linked to the entertainment industry, but will also boost areas such as hospitality, transportation and retail.

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