The pulse of the economy and the dollar will be protagonists on the first business day of the Milei era

That behavior is also an unknown before the markets open. It happens that if the value of the crypto dollar continues – as it has done so far – it is likely that it will rise and then show a decline. It is that on this Sunday afternoon, the crypto dollarIt was quoted at around $1,200, but as the hours passed its price dropped until it was close to $1,000 pesos, and on Monday morning it changed again.

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That variation is key, because If there is an abrupt increase, this increase inevitably ends up being transferred to prices. as happened with the 22% devaluation that occurred the day after the presidential STEP.

Another movement that could be key for the markets is that finally this Tuesday the long-awaited meeting between the outgoing president Alberto Fernández and the elected Javier Milei. That summit was scheduled for Monday, but was later postponed. If there is a gesture of maturity and agreement on the part of both leaders to reach an orderly transition, it is likely that the markets’ response will be in accordance, but this will be different if there are strong disagreements.

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Analysts expectant but cautious

“Javier Milei’s proposals involve a reduction in the size of the State that could imply a reduction in the tax burden in the medium term, once fiscal balance has first been achieved. Furthermore, the new president has been against price controls, in favor of the deregulation of the economy, the privatizations of public companies (including YPF) and the normalization of the tariff system,” listed some financial analysts consulted by El Chronicler.

However, those same sources that were expectant almost as well as various sectors of the Mendoza economy, also They warned about the risks in the transfer of command and the impact they could have on the macroeconomy and local actions.

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“We must move forward on the imbalances in relative prices”

In the economist’s analysis Daniel Marx, former head of the Central Bank under Raúl Alfonsínone of Milei’s first economic emergencies will be to apply a stabilization plan “this can be done with a shock or gradually, but it must be done sequentially”defined in the program I tell you what I thinkfrom radio Nihuil and clarified: “that should not end in adjustment, but rather provide opportunities for Argentina’s potential to be developed.”

And among the priorities he indicated that he must end the relative price imbalanceswhich today put pressure on already high inflation.

“In energy in particular, but also in gasoline and gas, Argentine prices are below international costs and prices. This generates imbalances and if not corrected we would have an imbalance in the balance of payments.”

Furthermore, he agreed with the liberals’ diagnosis of the serious fiscal imbalance of the country, which has increased in recent months, but he envisioned that this scenario could change in 2024 in which an increase in exports, an improvement in the drought and an increase in energy is expected.

Likewise, he recommended to the elected president “simplify these multiple exchange rates that confuse and paralyze economic decisions in order to later gain international reserves.

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