Cristina raises the tone of her attack against Milei

Cristina raises the tone of her attack against Milei
Cristina raises the tone of her attack against Milei

Cristina Kirchner took the 105th anniversary of the birth of Eva Perón to inaugurate the Bicentennial Women’s Hall at the Patria Institute, with an act in which she harshly questioned Javier Milei in the midst of the treatment of the so-called Bases Law in the Senate and in the run-up to Thursday’s general strike.

“All Argentines should be worried”, the former president warned about the project already approved by Deputies, with the focus of her criticism on the chapter on the Large Investment Incentive Regime (RIGI). “It is the legal status of colonialism, 21st century version, without added value, research and development.”, he noted.

In this case without allusions to the internal discussion in Peronism, unlike his speech ten days ago in Quilmes, perhaps the specific reference to the RIGI was influenced by the votes in favor of six deputies – three from Catamarca who respond to Governor Raúl Jalil. and three from San Juan – from Unión por la Patria, contrary to the rest of the block.

“From the third year onwards, foreign direct investment will be allowed to export without entering a single dollar into the reserves of the Central Bank. I ask those who voted for the agreement with the IMF, What dollars are they going to pay the debt with? How are we going to sustain the development of industries?”, he completed on that point of the Base Law.

Previously, Cristina had insisted on qualifying as “trout” the Government’s surplus – as in Quilmes, he assured that “he owes it to everyone” – and this time he attacked Luis Caputo – he called him “the great reprofiler” – for the payment plan to Cammesa with bonuses in dollars: “As in the Macri era, they are once again converting debt in pesos into debt in dollars.”

During a section of the speech Cristina dedicated herself to refuting Milei’s definitions with left and right categories in ideological terms. “The president should abandon his habit of talking nonsense about a world that doesn’t exist. The Berlin Wall fell in 1989, what communism are you talking about?” said the former president, with the purpose of fueling direct confrontation between the two.

He has many prejudices. I told him the day he took office. At one point I tell him ‘stand on my left’ and he tells me it’s impossible. Don’t believe it, when she sits in Rivadavia’s chair, a few prejudices are going to fall on her like they are falling on her now,” she continued.

In her diatribe against Milei, the former president assured that “this model is going to condemn Argentines once again to unemployment that is already beginning to be seen“, highlighted the drop in meat consumption – from 57.6 to 40.3 kilos per inhabitant – and estimated that the Government postponed the increase in rates “not because of inflation, but because they were going to be unpayable.” “Everything they give as absolute truth has no connection with reality”posed before the female audience, except for the presence of Oscar Parrilli.

The reason for the act already functioned as the staging of opposing positionss with Milei. Cristina set up at the Instituto Patria the room that she had inaugurated in the Casa Rosada in March 2009 and the President closed it a month ago, on Women’s Day, to install the Hall of Heroes in that place.

In addition to Evita, the exhibition pays tribute to Alicia Moreau de Justo, Victoria Ocampo, Juana Azurduy, Mariquita Sánchez de Thompson, Alfonsina Storni, Lola Mora, Mercedes Sosa, Tita Merello, Aime Paine, Blackie, Cecilia Grierson, Madres de Plaza de Mayo and Mothers of Malvinas.

Everyone knows that I am not a feminist activist, but I greatly respect my colleagues who are. They are all female protagonists, and many are antagonistic. “Victoria Ocampo was an icon of anti-Peronism,” she said to refute the criticism of an “ideological bias” as an argument for dismantling the salon in the Casa Rosada.

“I think we are in the presence of a political force that has a problem with women. They are older than the suction cup“, he questioned the Government, and added a harangue with an electoral perspective in a moment of perplexity for Peronism: “I am optimistic that one day all of them will return to the Casa Rosada.”

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