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SANTIAGO DE CUBA.—The documentary From the hill and the Llanoan audiovisual compilation of the almost 30 years of fruitful artistic life of the famous Septeto Santiaguero, was presented here as a preview, as one of the prominent moments of the current edition of the Matamoroson 2024 Festival, which until May 11 takes place in the eastern city, Creative City in Music.

Before Cultural authorities, the Egrem, the organizing committee of the Festival of Son headed by Rodulfo Vaillant, artists participating in the event and the accredited press, the members of the renowned group, which has won two Granmy awards without leaving the Santiago that challenges and stimulates its creation, they recognized themselves excitedly on the screen and relived the main moments in the history of the Septet, founded on February 2, 1995.

The audiovisual material is the result of the refined and elegant creative work of LCA Producciones, under the direction of David Hernández and Enrique Pérez Fumero, who agreed to define their work as a collective story in which, based on the personal experiences of Fernando Dewar, tresero, singer, founder and director of the Septeto, Santiago, Cuban music is the protagonist.

Filmed in Santiago and Havana, the documentary, which as part of an album of the same name will reach viewers accompanied by a CD containing the live concert offered by the group for its 25 years, involved painstaking research and search work in archives and includes interviews with important personalities such as Enrique Bonne, National Music Award winner; Eduardo Tiburón Morales, Alexander Abreu; the Dominican José Alberto El Canario and the Puerto Rican Gilberto Santa Rosa, among others.

Pleased, David Hernández, leader of LCA Producciones and Fernando Dewar, director of Septeto Santiaguero, share the happiness of the new work. Photo: Yusdanis Vicet

We are heirs of a lot of music and it is a privilege to live in Santiago and with our work to defend and contextualize the genres of Cuban music, said Fernando Dewar, pleased with the new audiovisual product, after thanking everyone who intervened to make this endeavor a reality for a long time. caressed

The new audiovisual material, as explained by its producers, will have a national premiere and could reach some cinemas in the country as a testimony to the footprint of the Septeto Santiaguero, a group that defends tradition and enriches it with an air of modernity and the richness of its artistic proposal is acclaimed by dancers from Santiago, Cuba and the world.

After their presentations at the MatamoroSon Festival, in which they shared the stage with the legendary Aragón orchestra, La Original de Manzanillo, Los Jóvenes Clásicos del Son and around thirty participating sonero septets and pickets, the Septeto Santiaguero announced that they will have upcoming performances in Curacao and Canada and is preparing for their usual tour of Europe, which will take them until the summer. Tireless in their creative work, they are also immersed in the preparation of a new album with the Spanish singer Pilar Boyeros.

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