If people didn’t make ends meet they would have already died.

If people didn’t make ends meet they would have already died.
If people didn’t make ends meet they would have already died.

The President’s expression arose after a person who attended the meeting reproached him that “people don’t make ends meet.” That’s when Milei responded “If people didn’t make ends meet they would be dying in the streets“, and then confirm that: “If people didn’t make ends meet they would have already died, let’s say.“.

While leaving, the president was also asked about the 5 million kilos of food stored by the Ministry of Human Capital and correspond to neighborhood dining rooms: “They are being distributed, let’s say, what happens is that There are working people who are losing their jobs.“. “I am going to lift the stocks the day we deactivate all the bombs left by the Kirchnerism“, he justified in another response from the crowd.

Javier Milei promised the countryside to lift the stocks, eliminate withholdings and the COUNTRY Tax

Within the framework of the 81st Angus Exhibition in La Ruralwhich began last Tuesday, May 21, the president Javier Milei participated in the opening speech and referred to different tax and monetary measures -subject to conditions- that it would take to benefit the field producers.

“I want you to keep in mind that, just as we have worked in the exchange market to end the gap, which at some point may have some oscillation with what is happening, we also we are working hard to eliminate the trap. And that, when we finish deactivating all the bombs that the Kirchnerists left us, there will be a free exchange rate“, announced the president, who attended the event organized by the Argentine Angus Association (AAA) with his sister, Karina Milei.

Furthermore, the President explained that “as the fiscal accounts begin to be recomposed and economic growth returns, first we will eliminate the COUNTRY Tax and then the withholdingsso that the field is totally free”.

Karina Milei Javier Milei La Rural.jpg

Javier Milei with his sister Karina on the La Rural property.

In conclusion, he noted: “The things I have promised in the campaign we are fulfilling them. We are only finishing deactivate the bombs that Kirchnerism left us“But believe me, we are going to be free and we are going to move forward, and the field is going to have a fundamental role.”

Poverty rose to 49% in the last semester: it reaches almost 30 million Argentines

The Poverty rose to 48.9% of Argentines in it November-April semester, which affects 29.4 million people, according to a study by the Torcuato Di Tella University.

It’s about a increase of 0.6 percentage points regarding the period October-March and 7.2 points compared to the semiannual data that the university reported last December.

The average Total Basic Basket (CBT) of the Greater Buenos Aires (GBA) region for the reference semester was estimated at $203,642 per adultwhich represents a year-on-year increase of 265.3%, indicated Di Tella’s latest nowcast.

In addition, for the average total family income (ITF), the university projected an interannual increase of 196.1% for the semester.

“With these data and the simulation of the microdata from the Permanent Household Survey (EPH) for the fourth quarter of 2023 and the first and second quarters of 2024, the poverty rate was projected: the nowcast estimates it at 48.9% for the November-April semester, with a 95% confidence interval between 47.4% and 50.4%”, he remarked.

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