YouTube notes arrive, but not as you imagine

YouTube notes arrive, but not as you imagine
YouTube notes arrive, but not as you imagine

This feature allows users to give context to a postFor example, mentioning when it happened, if it is a video or image generated by Artificial Intelligence, when it comes to the dropshipping technique, among others, to name the most common examples.

YouTube has begun testing this same feature on its platform, a feature that will allow users add updated information about its content, something especially important if we take into account that, unlike a blog post, it cannot be updated by more recent and/or updated content.

This is a problem for users who are looking for updated content that is in line with the moment in which we find ourselves, since the majority of users do not pay attention to the date on which it has been published, so they always take the information as good. shown, even if the video content has been proven to be false, it is a feature already removed from an application or any other reason.

YouTube will add comments to videos to update their content

As we mentioned above, this is a testing phase limited to the United States, so, depending on how it works, it will or will not be implemented in the rest of the world. But the question you may be asking yourself is Who adds the notes to the videos? As this is an experimental feature, YouTube is inviting a small number of users to collaborate with this new feature.

Ideally, it would be the content creators themselves who have the opportunity to add updated information about the videos, but if YouTube has not tried this route, it is likely that YouTubers will not be in the mood to collaborate since the notes could change the minds of users who access your videos and not play them.

The video notes will be displayed next to the video, as long as they are considered useful, since it is the users who watch the video who will have to assess whether the video footnote is useful, somewhat useful or completely useless. .

We could say that it works as the rating system of Likes and Dislikes until YouTube decided to remove the latter. All the notes that are added to the videos will be supervised by an algorithm that will also be responsible for approving them.

Obviously, it will also use a human verification system to help the algorithm do its job better. At the moment this function is already available in the United States, although currently limited to mobile devices. There is no way to sign up for a waiting list, so if you want to contribute to this new feature and you live in the United States, you just have to keep an eye on your inbox.

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