Peruvian team | One point but better numbers: the differences between the start of Ricardo Gareca and Juan Reynoso | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

Peruvian team | One point but better numbers: the differences between the start of Ricardo Gareca and Juan Reynoso | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN
Peruvian team | One point but better numbers: the differences between the start of Ricardo Gareca and Juan Reynoso | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

It should be noted that the first rivals of the Peruvian team were the same as in the last Qualifier with the exception of Bolivia; That is to say, almost the same path was followed and one point out of fifteen possible was obtained, although with some differences that show us that the ‘two-color’ of that opportunity left better sensations than the current one.

Paraguay vs. Peru 2020-2023

The ‘blanquirroja’ tied 2-2 against Paraguay at the Defensores del Chaco stadium with doubles from Ángel Romero and André Carrillo. On that occasion, the national team had four direct shots on goal, two of them ended in goals, and 40% of the ball possession.

The national team drew 0-0 against Paraguay at the same venue. He did not add any direct shots on goal, he rescued a point, remaining one man less after the expulsion of Luis Advíncula in the 45th minute and obtained 40% possession.

Peru vs. Brazil 2020-2023

That match was quite remembered for Julio Bascuñán’s refereeing that ended up harming the local team. On that occasion, Peru fell 2-4 with goals from André Carrillo, Renato Tapia and the comeback came with a hat trick from Neymar and another goal from Richarlison. Gareca’s team had six shots on goal and he had 34% possession.

The 1-0 defeat of the ‘bicolor’ came with an agonizing goal from Marquinhos in the 94th minute after a match process in which Peru had been holding zero in their own goal but did not hold it until the final whistle. In that match we were not offensive either and we did not get any shots on the rival goal and we were surpassed with just 37% ball possession.

Chile vs. Peru 2020-2023

The 2-0 defeat against Chile in Santiago was due to the great effectiveness of the local team considering that the shots on goal were quite even. The ‘Red’ did it five times, while the ‘blanquirroja’ did it four times, although with less forcefulness. Even during the match, the ‘bicolor’ had greater possession of the ball with 52%, but Arturo Vidal’s double in the first half sealed the result.

Unlike the last visit of the ‘blanquirroja’ in Santiago for the Qualifiers, this time the feeling that was given was that the local team surpassed us almost in the entire match. The bad statistic of zero shots on goal spread and we fell 2-0 again after goals from Diego Valdés and Marcelino Núñez in the second half of the match. The ‘Roja’ had a total of seven direct shots on goal against a harmless Peru.

Peru vs. Argentina 2020-2023

In this match, the ‘bicolor’ was surpassed by the ‘albiceleste’ who managed to win on the visit with goals from Nicolás Gonzáles and Lautaro Martínez. Those led by Gareca barely had a direct shot on goal, despite having greater possession of the ball (53%) and could not against a very effective Argentina that converted twice in the three direct shots on goal they had throughout the match.

This time again the ‘blanquirroja’ fell 2-0 against Argentina at the National Stadium in Lima in a match in which they were even more outmatched against the current world champions. Lionel Messi had an outstanding performance and scored a double in the first half that the hosts were unable to counter. In fact, the visit had six direct shots on goal and the difference could have been larger; while the ‘bicolor’ extended the fact of not having any direct shots at the rival goal, which further aggravated their campaign in these Qualifiers. Ball possession against the ‘albiceleste’ was 34%.

Bolivia vs. Peru 2021-2023

Ricardo Gareca’s Peruvian team arrived in La Paz with the urgency of winning, but ended up losing 1-0. Peru could not get a good result despite the fact that in the 75th minute, Bolivia was left with one less player due to the expulsion of Henry Vaca. The goal would come in the 82nd minute through Ramiro Vaca, who precisely this 2023 would score again against the red and white team at the Hernando Siles.

The 2-0 defeat in La Paz left the ‘blanquirroja’ with its first two direct shots at the opponent’s goal so far in the Qualifiers. For its part, the ‘Green’ opened the account with a goal from Henry Vaca in the 20th minute and then sealed their victory with a goal from Ramiro Vaca in the 87th minute. In total, the possession of the ball by those led by Juan Reynoso was of 56% but they did not have clear arrivals at the Bolivian goal and they were in last place in the standings with just one point.

That is, in total, in the first five games of the Ricardo Gareca era heading to the 2022 World Cup, there were 17 direct shots on goal, four goals were scored and 11 were conceded. While, in what has been Juan Reynoso’s path since the beginning of this Qualifier, he has only shot directly at the goal twice, we have not been able to score a goal and we have conceded seven goals.

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