defends the top of Group H of the Copa Sudamericana against Coquimbo Unidos of Chile

defends the top of Group H of the Copa Sudamericana against Coquimbo Unidos of Chile
Racing defends the top of Group H of the Copa Sudamericana against Coquimbo Unidos of Chile

Photograph taken on April 24, 2024 during the Copa Sudamericana match played at the Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso stadium between the yellows of Coquimbo Unidos and the albicelestes of Club, which this Thursday will face each other again, but on the Argentine team’s field in compliance of the penultimate day of the group stage. EFE/ Hernán Contreras

After the respectful minute of silence, Racing and Coquimbo Kingdom of Chili They gave continuity to the fifth date of the Group H of the South American Cup. For the Academy It meant an opportunity to rediscover victory, given that the painful defeat by 2 to 1 in view of Bragantino and the disappointing draw with de Córdoba In their debut in the Professional League they had put the cycle of Gustavo Costas.

Unlike what was expected in the Cylinder of Avellaneda, The one that took the initiative in the lawsuit was the team led by Fernando Diazwhich through the interventions of Benjamín Chandía, Andrés Chávez and Luciano Cabral took the match to the area defended by Gabriel Arias. And it was the goalkeeper and captain of the local team himself who noticed the defensive failures and passed them on to the coaching staff to try to solve the problems that his rival was causing.

On the fifth day of the group stage, the Andean clash has the flavor of revenge, after the victory achieved by the Argentines by 2 to 1 in the magnificent city of The Serena.

The albiceleste team has just suffered a hard blow in the domestic competition and also had a bad time when it traveled to Brazil to face Bragantinowhere he fell 2 to 1 and questioned the fate of the area. Faced with this adversity, the main -and positive- news for the strategist was the return to work of Andrew Wonderful Martinezkey in the team’s attack, along with Maximiliano Salas.

The Academywhich had an ideal score until last week, when it fell in the neighboring country, now shares the lead with 9 points, five more than Coquimbo Kingdomso it is quite likely that one of the two will be the one that gets a direct pass to the round of 16 and the other will play against the teams that come from the Libertadores Cup.

Against that logic, the Chileans will try to appeal to the miracle and obtain two consecutive wins, in addition to waiting for other results. For this, those of Fernando Diaz have faced almost a week without games, since their duel against Palestiniancorresponding to the twelfth day of the Chilean Leaguewas postponed by mutual agreement by both teams, which had transcendental international activity.

The Chileans have only managed to win or draw against the Paraguayan Sportivo Luqueñowhile their duels against ‘Academia’ and Bragantino ended in defeats.


Racing: Gabriel Arias Facundo Mura, Marco Di Cesare, Santiago Sosa, Agustín García Basso, Gabriel Rojas; Juan Nardoni, Baltasar Rodríguez; Santiago Solari, Adrián Martínez and Maximiliano Salas. Coach: Gustavo Costas.

Coquimbo Kingdom: Diego Sánchez, Bruno Cabrera, Dylan Escobar, Manuel Fernández, Juan Cornejo, Cristopher Barrera, Dylan Glaby, Alejandro Camargo, Luciano Cabral, Andrés Chávez and Benjamín Chandía Coach: Fernando Díaz.

Referee: the Colombian Andrés Rojas Noguera.

Basketball court: Presidente Perón Stadium, ‘Cilindro’, in Avellaneda (province of Buenos Aires), with capacity for 45,000 spectators.

Hour: 7:00 p.m. (22:00 GMT).

TV: ESPN and Star+

Positions of Group H of the Copa Sudamericana

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